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    a/c - heater buttons (climate control)

    I've been poking around searching for a good hour and haven't found any definate answer....so I thought I would make a post and see if anyone has any mirical solutions. I've been having trouble with the buttons on my climate control. They intermitenly fail to work. They always come back to...
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    Opinions on venting optispark cap

    So I can buy a cap off of a '95 and put it right on a '93 distributor giving me a vacuume hose that I could plum in somewhere. The cap is $100....what is the general consensus on this ? Is it worth it ? Or should I just stick a stock '92-'94 set up on it.
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    optispark results

    So - tore the optispark out last night...sure enough...junk. A few observations: First - if anyone has any complaints about taking an optispark out of a Vette - go take one out of a trans-am, then you will have something to complain about. I had it out of the Vette and on the bench in an...
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    Help - at the end of the rope

    OK - my problem has really elevated...what started out as a heavy lug engine miss and a rough idle is now a barely driveable situation. Anything over a slight throttle load will send it into a missing, stumbling coughing fit. It hasn't stranded me yet, but man - it is not happy at all. Major...
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    code 43, now what

    Did the code check...turned up only one - code 43. I know this is the knock sensor, and I have heard it ping during its stumble and cut out fits - but it doesn't make sense with all the symptoms. The (haynes) manual says (in a round about way) that it can fail two ways...full advance, giving...
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    help, need code assistance

    Something is definately aria...idle is very rough, and bad cut-out stumble if engine is lugged below 1300 rpm. Weird thing is it runs/pulls good right up to 5500 rpm. Is there a way to get fault codes to display on the speedo ? Or do I need to get a code reader ? Where does the code reader...
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    LT1 low rpm/lug stumble

    I've noticed a bad stumble & miss if I lug the motor down below 1200 rpm. The engine only has 10,000 miles on it since all new distributer, wires, plugs, and fuel filter. Any thoughts ??? (besides don't lug it down that far...). Maybe this is normal and I just haven't seen it prior to lately...
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    interesting antena observation

    I know there has been a lot of antena discussions...but I've noticed mine doing some interesting things. When I bought the car it had a broken tip, so I put a new mast in - no problem. from day one it had trouble retracting all the way with the new mast (the broken one couldn't re-tract all...
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    One More Shock Question

    Doing some shopping around for good deal on bilstein shocks - based on the suggestions from you all....have one more question....I don't have the Z51 suspension, but someone said they put Z51 shocks on their car that didn't have the option...Is there any mods that need to be done to do this ...
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    '93 shock suggestions ?

    My car really handles rough corners poorly. If there are bumps or rippled pavement through the corner - it doesn't hole the road very well....I think my pick-up holds the road better actually :-(. I'm thinking it is time to try a new set of shocks - hoping that helps. Plus I see one of the...
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    A/c Repair Experts ?

    Help, My A/C is on the fritz. I bought a recharge kit, but the gauge reads in the 'red' zone when testing the charge. The directions say if the gauge reads in the red, you have other problems than a low charge. I hate taking my cars to mechanics, I do all my own work....but don't know much...
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    the infamouse bose stereo...again

    Ok, I've had it with the in and out stereo reception of the bose - gotta get it fixed, it's driving me nuts. So I'm pretty sure it is the CDM box - as I don't have any crackling, hissing or any of the other common amp problems. The cd and tape deck both sound perfect. The stereo just fades...
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    Steering Wheel Feedback

    I've noticed my vette gives a lot of steering wheel feedback in the corners of rough roads - compared to my f-bodies. It also almost seems like it 'walks' a little in the corner when there is a ripple, or bumps through the corner. I've taken a look at the suspension and everything looks good...
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    will a '95 up opti-spark fit '93-'94 ?

    Well, will it ? I have to buy a new one for my '94, I'm thinking I should by a '95 up and get the vent hoses. Is this a good idea ? Thanks, Rob
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    Good Place To Buy Opti-spark ?

    Well, after taking the opti-spark off (inspired by the suggestion of you all) and rounding up all the odball tools to take the darn thing apart the conclusion is....its time to buy a new one ! The inside was so rusted and gunked up it's a wonder the thing ran. So, I'm open for suggestions on...
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    help, should I clean optispark ?

    While doing an oil change on my wifes '94 T-A (LT-1), I noticed the water pump starting to go south. I went ahead and pulled it out, and sure enough the seal is toasted in the back. It's been leaking for a couple weeks looks like. Now of course I start quizing the wife about things (I rarely...
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    "SYS" flashing in digital speedo window

    When driving home from work I noticed inside the digitial speedometer window the word "SYS" was flashing 3 times about every 10-15 seconds or so. It would turn off any gauge or fuel information and replace it with "SYS". After making a stop at a store and then returning to the road, it never...
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    wax suggestions ?

    Any suggestion for what wax to use on the 'glass car ? I've been using rain dance for quite a few years on my other cars, but thought maybe I should check to see if there was something better for the corvette. Thanks, Rob :)
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    Stereo/cd Question

    Hello all, I have a stereo/cd phenomena going on. The stereo sounds like it has static or is fading in and out of 'stereo' mode - although the stereo indicator in the display never blinks like that is really what is going on. I've of course flipped through several channels - with the same...
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    question for SANMAN

    Sanman - I noticed you have the same car as I do. What interior color do you have ? I ask because I have the tan leather and just noticed something strange last night. The drivers side door panel and a black arm rest - the passenger side has a tan one. The wrest of the door pannels are...
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