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    86 vacuum line diagram? for tpi

    does anyone have a vacuum line diagram for a 86 5.7 tpi? there is an electric switch that is connected to a bracket that bolts onto the thermostat housing.. it looks like a vacuum line is supposed to connect there also but i cannot find anything missing or off... but i do hear a vacuum leak...
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    86 TPI...vacuum leaks !! any help?!

    i heat this vacuum leak from under the tpi... i cannot se anything that may be loose as far as hoses.. anyone had any problems with leaks under here?
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    86 cluster problems !! help!!

    just got my 86 vette... been reading alot of posts about bad clusters.. but have not come accross this one... my cluster lights up.... but you cannot see any readings... no digital #'s.. from reading other posts , it seems to be also a bad lcd,, since you can see the cluster when ignition is...
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