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    Help! 2015 front strut needed

    Hi all, Took my new 2015 Stingray w/ 508 miles on the clock for an oil leak. Turns out the leak is from the driver's side front strut. The problem is, the dealer and GM have said that none are available and no ETA in sight. Where do I go from here as they have had the car now for a week. When...
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    help needed/dealing with chevrolet

    I have a 05 black coupe with 18K miles. I am having several problems with Chevrolet. I am not new to the Corvette as this is my 8th vette. I am having problems with my left rear brake as it is squeeling when I have to stop. It is so bad that I see neighbors running out to put out the garbage...
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    Popping sound in floor board

    Hi all I have a 2005 coupe with 16K miles. For the most of the time when I turn the car to the right or left when I leave my driveway or any other turn where there is a highth difference from one surface to another I hear a popping sound emit from the dash area or the floor board on the...
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    Rear brake squeak

    I took my 2005 vette to the dealer because my left rear brake squeaks when I come to a stop. I was informed that Chevrolet states and I quote " The Corvette is a performance car and the brakes will make noise on slow stops." They told me that there is not a fix for this problem. Can anyone give...
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    carfax info

    Anyone have access to Carfax. I am interested in a C5 and want to find out more about the car.. Appreciate any help.
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    Black C5 targa top

    Want to buy a black C5 targo top, not a transparent one!
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    For Sale 99 wheels

    A set of 4 wheels off my 99 C5. They do not have air sensors. All are in perfect shape. $150 plus $122 for shipping back east. Paypal accepted. Hal
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    LT4 F/S 96 collector Lt4 6spd

    For Sale 96 collector Edition LT4 51K miles. Black interior w/ sport buckets. Selective real time damping. Transparent top. Electronic airconditioning. Car is completely original and weather stiripping is in perfect condition, has original sebring silver paint ( never been painted). Comes with...
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    Water pump leaks...

    I need your help, I have replaced the top radiator hose 3 times and I STILL have a leak coming from the neck of the pump. I have checked it for cracks and have not found anything. Has anyone had the same problem? My next step is to replace the pump. I have already replaced the opti spark and...
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    hard starting

    I have a 96CE/LT4 and after the car sits for several hours it will not start without cranking the engine several times. I had it to my mechanic, he said it needed a fuel pump and a new coil of which I had him replace both. The next morning same thing, I had to crank the engine several times to...
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    Clutch replacement

    How many miles will the clutch on a LT4 go assuming it has not been run hard? I now have 48K miles on the clock.
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    LT4 LT4 vibration ?

    What would cause my 96 CE/LT4 to have vibration at around 3000 to 4500 rpm? I have checked all pulleys and all are running true. Any thoughts would help.
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    Help , engine trouble code

    I have had the service engine light come on and had the code pulled. Can anyone tell me what this code is in reference for "P1153"? I have a 96 ce LT4. Thanks
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    console lighting

    This may be a dumb question but, are the console controls (i.e. seat controls and the selective ride) to be lighted. I can not find any bulbs? Speaking of selective ride, how can you test if it is working? I do not feel a difference on any position. Thanks
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    PKE module location

    Hi all , how do you get to the PKE module?
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    Car Fax needed

    Can anyone help me get a car fax?
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    91 white roadster

    :w 1991 white over tan leather,83K miles,auto, climate control, dual power seats,ac, am/fm tape c/d player. New ZR1 chrome wheels and tires. $10,499 OBO. Optional hard top and hardware included with price. 623-434-1395 :w
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