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    Service Traction Control warning

    This came up on the warning, kicks speed control out yet it drives fine. Before I spend bucks getting this into the local Chevy dealership any ideas if others have same concern? Thanks Chuck
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    My Toy

    My son has a Detail Shop and just finished my Vette, it is so nice and he did an excellant job. Chuck
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    Ethenol free gas

    I have been using 93 octane with 10% ethenol and recently found 3 stations in my area that sells 91 octane that is ethenol free. Been using it in my truck and the milage has improved almost 3 MPG so tried it in the both of the vettes and they seem to run better without the stinky exhaust fumes...
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    Dirty Floor Mats

    My son runs a detail shop and deals with dirty car mats often. He first uses a air hose to blow off the loose dirt before vacuuming, this removes a lot of dirt and stones then vacuums them. Most cases this is all thats needed. If there are still dirt spots he has a spray bottle with about 2 "...
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    Dealing With A Loss

    I have been away for quote some time and dealing with a change in my life I never expected. its been 18 months when I received a call my son passed away even worse it was on his birthday. He lived 350 miles away and had health issues but you never expect to deal with this and some how survive...
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    Winter Storage & Mice

    Been driving Ruby as much as I can ( weekly) before the salt is spread on the roads. Opened the glove box and behold there were little turds in there. :mad I have nothing worth eating in the Vette or in the garage but for some reason they were there. I will be putting traps around the garage...
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    Convertable Top

    In a catalog saw where an air type pillow could be used when the top is down to help prevent damage to the rear window so it does not crease. Has anyone had a problem with this happening? Chuck
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    Bought a 2004

    I decided to move up in the Corvette world, a 2004 convertable now lives in my garage, red with tan top and interior. Still have the 81 for now, will probably sell it next spring. It will be sooooooo nice to not drop a bundle of money each spring just to get it driveable. Chuck
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    Radio assistance

    I'm in the process of trying to replace the radio and cannot get the gauge cluster off. I removed the 4 screws on the gauge area face and the 2 nuts from the radio knob area but the gauge front won't budge. What did I forget to do and does the center consol have to be removed also? The...
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    T-Top help

    Well folks I really think I have a problem, I bought new bushings for the back of the T-top and was trying to pull what was left of the old bushing out. After no luck I unscrewed the pin and tried again so I lifted the locking lever to insrt a hook to remove the old one. I tried to screw in the...
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    Radio NEW OR REPAIR?

    I took my Vette to the doctor because I could not find where or why my battery would go dead constantly. He found that the source of the problem was in the clock portion of the radio, it was disconnected and this drain problem has disappeared. His cost for finding the problem was a case of...
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    Gas gauge - HELP

    I'm getting frustrated because my gas gauge is not working. All the dash gauges do work, pulled out fuses and reinserted them is case of corision during the winter storage but this did nothing. I filled the tank because it was reading close to full and the needle didn't move. With todays gas...
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    Gas Gauge

    Sunday I hooked up the batteryon the blue beast because I just needed to hear her roar. She started fairly easy with some smoke but not bad and I was very happy to park my butt behind the steering wheel. When I put her away last November there was a 1/2 tank of gas laced with some stabilizer...
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    Fuse Block Problem

    When I went to get my Vette out this spring none of my dash gagues worked and I pulled the fuse , it was OK but upon putting it back in the gagues worked. I came to the conclusion that the oxidation on the stabs was the problem. The same held true for the choke fuse, the choke light went out...
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    Garage Update

    It has been 4 months since the project started and it is finally all closed in. The windows will be installed some warmer day yet the cars are under cover and no frost, rain or snow will be a problem again. The siding is a spring thing and have started the electrical work, also pulling in...
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    Battery Mystery

    The battery gauge was reading 8 volts but the car started fine and the battery light was on, so I charged the battery and the gauge also the indicating light are still on. I'm puzzled out of my mind because she starts fine and runs good. What could be causing this???????? Chuck
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    Hole in the ground

    Hey Hey Hey I'm excited they started digging for the footers today and hope to be putting up the framing in 2 weeks. It sure will be nice to have the Vette home where I can work on her this winter. Yes I will store my golf clubs and hockey equipment there too. WOW can't wait Chuck
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    Power Window Problem

    The window on the drivers side won't go up all the way yet I can pull it up. To put it down I have to push it to a certain point and then the power does work, both up and down. I think that it has sliped from the mechanism but would like to fix it. Is this something that an amateur can do or...
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    Blinking red light ?????

    Please HELP Near the Shifter there is a red light that is constantly flashing and I think it might be the Anti-Theft but not sure. It has not blinked for the 3 years I have owned the car til yesterday. My instruction book doesn't even show a light there. I just had a new radiator installed...
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    New Front Suspension

    I had the front suspension replaced and it is such a pleasure to drive the blue beauty, not that it wasn't before but it sure is different. Before it was like driving a boat on rough water, always steering to keep her straight but now she is going right down the middle of the road. WOW I'm a...
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