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    2000 FRC I saw for sale

    I saw this car on CL and had to do a little research . I guess there aren't many of these around ? 2000 Corvette C5 Coupe-6 speed - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle...
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    Yup ,Reduced engine power again- such a worn out topic

    I've decided to delete this post. There is no delete option so I had to do this . I'm selling the car to a race car driver who is going to strip it .
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    Important! An issue I solved on my C5

    As I said in my intro post , this is my first Corvette and it's almost 3 years now. I really went through a period at first being in my early 50's at the time thinking I was being irresponsible and wasteful having this car. I tend to go over the speed limit substantially for short periods of...
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    Z06 for sale - worth a look

    I like to look around on craigslist occasionally to see what cars are for sale out there . I came across this 2003 Z06 and found it to be pretty appealing. I like the way the back fender wells have been flared and the C6 wheels on it . I'm generally not for black on black but this car stands...
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    New Member

    Hello , I finally took the time to join here and I'm sorry it took so long. I've read many great posts here over the last couple of years as I've had little issues with my car or for things I was curious about. My car is a pewter stock 98 coupe with around 145,000 miles. It's had some body...
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