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    Happy Holidays

    Hopefully everyone in the Callaway world is well and in good health! Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to all! -E :)
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    '90 Distributor Reference Signal

    What do you think the signal looks like that is fed back to the ECM from the distributor module? Basically, the magnetic pickup ring connects to the distributor module... but what is fed back from there? Is it a 5vdc on/off square waveform or ?? The problem is that the car exhibits spark...
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    Skyline Drive Corvettes Show Reading, Pa- 2nd Place

    I took my '87 to the Skyline show on a whim. The car was still in "Bloomington" condition so I took it to the show. No surprise, it was the only Callaway there and I had a great time talking with lots of people. Most everyone I talked to had never seen one in person. It was great fun to talk...
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    Some of the CAC Crew the Day Before Ribbon Cutting

    It's been a great couple of days so far. Today we met up with quite a few more Callaway owners and enthusiasts. We also were able to meet with the owners of some of the auction cars. The layout of this show is just great. Walking down the fairways of the golf course and seeing endless...
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    Bloomington Setup on Wed...

    Some of us are here! The Callaway retail displays in the Ballroom look awesome and it appears as though they spent a fair amount of time setting up. My car is still on the transporter till one of the other owners shows up so we don't have to unload then reload the car that's blocking me in...
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    Bummin' a Ride?

    Thought it wouldn't hurt to try to coordinate a ride from O'Hare to the Bloomington show. So far, there are two of us that would hate to spend $30-40 on a cab ride from the airport to the show knowing that there's a slew of rental cars and Corvettes from the local area already in motion... so...
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    The Finishing Touches

    Thankfully, a buddy of mine was gracious enough to have one of his graphic designers put this license plate together for me. My tags were expired so I thought it would look out of place while at the show. Out with the old, in with the new!
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    Intercooler I.D.

    I noticed something peculiar today while I was polishing the driver's side intercooler on my tt. I had removed it to make the job a little easier. On the side nearest the plenum look near the throttle body linkage on the upper corner. This may be visible if you look from the passenger's side...
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    Let us know if you'll be at Bloomington

    Reply here if you're going and I'll edit the list as we move toward the final countdown! Looking forward to seeing everyone. p.s. Many thanks to Luigi for providing the official countdown timer. 89*2 - CC Callaway4Fun - Pete 90Callaway - Kevin Luigi - Official photographer ;) FXGS - Mark...
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    HEI Guide On-line?

    Hi everyone... I'm looking for a guide to HEI troubleshooting on-line. So far I've replace the ignition module. The coil checks out ok. And, I've replaced the four pin external module also from a known running Vette. Any ideas of where to find good HEI info? I've done a search and just...
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    Aerobody HELP Please! Gimme 10 minutes!

    I've got a couple questions for some Aerobody owners. If you could print this out and take 10 minutes to look at your car with a flashlight-- it'd be greatly appreciated and you'll earn credits toward Yuengling consumption. :) It would be great to hear from multiple owners because I have a...
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    Twin Turbo Trivia

    Did you know that the ram's horn isn't symetrical? The driver's side inlet from the intercooler is actually about a half inch higher than the driver's side!! Ask me how I know!
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    NCM and 001

    I've been on a Vette vacation this whole week. I'll spare you the the illicit high speed detailsn of carousing through the country... but I will mention that we met up with a 2005 C6 at a restaurant in Bowling Green being driven by a Vette Engineer. Car #41. They've been in production at 3-4...
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    Latest Corvette Fever Issue- Bloomington

    I just received an email from a fellow Vette person and he mentions that we need to pick up the most recent Corvette Fever magazine because all of the Special Collection Bloomington participants are listed!
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    Build Sheet and Shipping Trivia ?

    Recently, Joanne came across a shipping receipt for Twin Turbo #37 from 1987.. this was the bill of lading for the trucking company which shipped my car from Bowling Green To Callaway. It's interesting to look at because the "Ship to:" location lists "Callaway Turbo Systems" as the...
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    Big Bird Yellow C12 Spotted..

    This was somewhere in Northern Jersey or New York. http://beyondthequarter.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1254#1254
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    Callaway Cookout

    Bring your Callaway, pack your bags, plan on staying over if you're out of town. I've got some spare garage space (1st come, 1st serve) and spare bedrooms/couches! Let's go! Cookout Saturday/Sunday evening depending on schedules...
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    Future Value ?? Let's hear it!

    After seeing some of the sale prices for various cars at the Barrett-Jackson auction, it got me thinking about the future price of Callaway Corvettes. What did they sell for on average from ’87 to ’91? Some sold on the low end for ~$65k and on the high end I’ve seen some Aerobody cars with...
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    Missing Callaway Owner- ??

    He lives in Massachusetts.. we saw him at Carlisle with a Silver Aerobody Convertible... how's he doing these days?? Re-join the brotherhood brutha! Where ya been? ;)
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    The Callaway Sledgehammer, C12, C7r, TT Speedster ZR1, etc are all being auctioned TODAY at the Barrett Jackson auction. The auction starts at 3pm Eastern time and 1pm Mountain time. The Callaways start at car #681 which will be a little while after the start-- but start watching at the...
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