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  1. J


    I can't turn it up!!:r CD's with MP3's can't be turned up:mad , I turn the knob tell I'm blue in the face :ugh but nothing. A normal CD will knock you out of the seat :bash but mp3's are just to soft. I'm recording them with nero right off my music CD's. Anyone else have this problem and maybe...
  2. J

    Jacking and Torque

    I need to pull the rims off my Vette I have a floor jack and 4 jack stands what is the best way to do this? Also what is the torque for the wheel lugs?
  3. J

    Oil Monitor System

    Does anyone really know how it works? What is it looking at and how does it do it? Should you do oil changes as it tells you or how often is best. Normal driving, not racing at all ( Well almost never at the red line )
  4. J

    Holes in the Nose

    Well I bought the car with 3k on it, got a great deal:beer BUT. The guy:lou :r let the dealer install the factory plate holder:cry . How do I get it off and what to do about the holes left behind, Please help if you can think of anything
  5. J

    F-55 is it working?

    I was reading on another forum about a guy who took his 05 F-55 in because he couldn't tell if it was working. After much fighting with the dealer he got them to ring out the wiring and they found a missing wire from the switch to the computer. Does anyone know of a sure fire way to know and...
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