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    L98 Oil Leak

    I know the sensors aren't leaking, but I don't have that pipe underneath them. Is that an oil pipe between the heads? An LT1 thing? Would the plumbing for it be on my heads, too? I wonder if that could be it.
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    L98 Oil Leak

    I have not, but it looks totally dry on the head, I only see oil on the block.
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    L98 Oil Leak

    Hello, I've been chasing down an oil leak on my 1990. I thought it was coming from the valley seal, but I've done the intake manifold three times now to no avail. There is no oil coming from the distributor shaft seal, and no oil on the pressure sender. You can see a trail of oil coming down on...
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    Help! Intake Air Temperature Sensor/Coolant Temperature Sensor

    So I picked up my first corvette a couple months ago. A 90 z51. I've been going through it, there were a few things to do. Anyway, a few weeks ago I got a check engine light. I used a paperclip to get the code and it was H25, high IAT temperature. So I ordered a new sensor since they're cheap...
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