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    2008 Wiper Blade Question

    Hi, I have a bone stock 2008 that pretty much came from the original owner, question is on the driver’s side wiper, is this stock from the factory? It has an extra wind deflector on it (the dealer called it a spoiler, lol), but couldn’t find anything in the parts catalog, passenger side is...
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    Anyone near Cary, NC?

    Hi, been away from the Corvette scene for a few years, however Corvettes are in my blood, so I'm back and looking for either a C6 or maybe a C5. I saw the below link on Auto Tempest and was wondering if anyone is close enough to swing by and check this out in person. It's hard to tell in the...
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    1986 Yellow Pace Car Black Top 4+3 Manual

    1986 Corvette Convertible Indy Pace Car – Yellow with black top and 4+3 manual transmission; 71,050 miles; mostly original condition except for the radio and wheels. The Delco Bose radio was upgraded to a GM CD Player, which looks factory stock with the white lighting in the background (I have...
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    1986-1989 ABS Relays Available - GM #: 1636973

    I was digging through some boxes, and realized that I still have 4 of these left - 2 relays with part #: 1636973 (with the mounting flange), and 2 relays with part #: 14084083 (without the mounting flange). This forum has always been very helpful to me over the years, so I'm just charging what I...
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    2 Bosch ABS Relays 14084083 available - Bosch 0 332 512 006

    Hi all: I still have 2 Bosch ABS relays available, part #: 14084083; Bosch part #: 0 332 512 006. I believe it was designed for the earlier 1986 style ABS systems, however it will fit and function on the '87 - '89 systems as well; see below for pics; this is very similar to the 1636973 ABS...
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    Wanted - 1986 "C" note horn - passenger side

    Looking for a factory AC Delco used "C" note horn for my 1986, which is located on the passenger side; single wire connection. Can send payment through Paypal or your preferred method........ Regards, Chris :)
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    Bosch ABS 14084083 available - Bosch 0 332 512 006

    Hi all: I have 1 Bosch ABS relay available, part #: 14084083; Bosch part #: 0 332 512 006. I believe it was designed for the earlier 1986 style ABS systems, however it will fit and function on the '87 - '89 systems as well; see below for pics; this is very similar to the 1636973 ABS relays that...
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    1986-1989 ABS Relays Available - GM #: 1636973

    I have 5 good used 1986 - 1989 ABS Control Module Relays available if anyone needs one. I picked them up at a flea market. The guy knew what he had, as these have long been discontinued by GM, and even I couldn't find any aftermarket source that currently is reproducing these relays, so he...
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    Question: 1986 Vapor Canister Question - Vacuum Routing

    On my 1986 convertible, it's taken me weeks to straighten out all the things the previous owner decided to replace/repair incorrectly, i.e jury rigged. Anyway, I'm now onto the vapor canister, and thanks to a picture that Agent 86 posted, it looks like I have the vacuum routing correct. I have...
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    Need a rear '86 Convertible speaker

    Not sure if the 1986 - 1989's are all the same; I have an '86 convertible and the right rear speaker is dead; looking for a used one; anyone have one for sale? Regards, Chris :)
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    Help! 1986 ABS - Further Diagnosis Help Needed

    Before I ask the question, here's what I've done so far. I have a FSM, and followed most of the procedures in the diagnostic section. I've replaced the modulator assembly with a known good unit, including the wiring harness, since that had some corrosion on the terminals where it connected to...
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    Question: 1986 Caster Alignment Question

    It seems to be getting harder and harder to find a qualified shop that knows what they are doing in regards to performing a 4 wheel Corvette alignment, especially in my area. Anyway, I bought it to Steve Shannon Tires in my area, and they did a 4 wheel alignment; they were able to get the front...
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    Help! 1986 Low Air Flow From Dash Vents

    So far, I've corrected the minor vacuum leak on the plastic rotary piece that controls the A/C, Heat, Vent functions (it was hissing and wasn't sealed properly); then I replaced the blower motor with a new AC Delco unit (got a good deal from Amazon, $35 plus shipping); it definitely is blowing...
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    News: 1984-1988 Clutch Fork Boot - 2 available

    After about 92 phone calls, I finally found a place that actually had one; actually they had 3, and I bought one, so they still have 2 left if you happen to need one; even though it was used, it looks brand new, and I would rate the condition at a solid 9 on a scale of 1 to 10; see the link...
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    Help! Fan doesn't come on with A/C on

    My mechanic just recharged the A/C on my 1986 (C60 manual), and when he turns the A/C on, the fan will not come on as it should. It functions properly in regards to the coolant temperature, on at 225* and off at (not sure of exact temperature); he said he grounded the wire on one of the pressure...
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    Question: 1986 Water/Heater Control Valve Question

    At what position on the HVAC control panel should vacuum be applied to the water shut-off valve? I sprayed it with WD-40, and slightly loosened the 1/4" bolt where the linkage pivots, and tested it with my vacuum pump, and it moves very freely, although no matter what position the slide lever is...
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    Help! 1986 Slave Cylinder Boot Question

    I am replacing the slave cylinder and hose (the clutch master cylinder has already been replaced) on my 1986 Convertible; question is - is there a boot that goes over the clutch fork push rod? I can crawl under and snap a pic and post it up if you need to see, however those familiar with the...
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    Question: Head Gasket repair in a bottle? Do any really work?

    On my 1986 Convertible that I just purchased used, it seems like it may be using a little coolant. I have used the Bar's Head Gasket Repair/Stop Leak in the past, but don't really want to gunk up the cooling system, etc. on something that really won't do much good anyway. Has anyone had any...
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    Help! 16 x 8.5" vs 16 x 9.5" rims - 1986 Convertible

    On my 1986 Convertible, it looks like the previous owner messed up a little; it has a set of 1987 rims with the charcoal center sections, however, it has (2) 9.5" rims on the rear, and (1) 8.5" rim on the driver's front, and (1) 9.5" rim on the passenger's side front; on my RPO sticker, it lists...
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    Question: 1986 Luggage Straps in rear storage area

    I have an '86 convertible with the graphite interior; does anyone know of a source for the rear luggage straps? Didn't see anything out on E-Bay or in the parts sections of the forum. Not sure if there are any of the aftermarket companies that make a decent reproduction..... They are officially...
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