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    Needing OEM A-mold 17 x 9.5 wheels

    I'm needing help getting my '96 Collector Edition Z51 coupe back to original condition; still need one pair of A-mold 5-spoke wheels. They can be '94-95 ZR1 front wheels or '96 Collector Edition rears (or CE Z51 fronts). They will have the following markings cast into the rear of the wheels...
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    wheel authenticity question

    I think I know the answer to this question, but here goes: I've just received a set of ZR-1 style 5-spoke wheels from a retailer; I need that style for my '96 Collector Edition coupe. They were advertised as authentic OEM wheels, refinished. I emailed the retailer during the order process to...
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    1996 Z51 suspension question

    I'm looking here for helpful comments from someone who has experience driving a well-maintained (ideally '96) Z51-equipped car AND at least one other late C4 with standard suspension. I bought my '96 Z51 LT4 CE last summer with 44,000 miles on it. Showroom-looking condition, but with a vibration...
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    Cross-drilled brake front brake rotors OEM on '96 Z51?

    I'm trying to figure out if the drilled 13" front rotors on my low-mileage '96 (with J55/Z51) were original to the car. They look the same in detail to the plain rear rotors, and seem to be decent quality (the holes have bevelled edges to resist cracking). Anybody know for sure?
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    What's in the '96 FE3 and J55 option packages?

    I'm trying to figure out if a few items on my (recently bought) '96 CE Z51 car are original or aftermarket. I received zero paper records with the car. Can anyone confirm that the '96 FE3 sport suspension package included the following, or less or more: - Bilstein gas shocks - 'heavy duty'...
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    embarrassing question! (shift knob removal)

    Oh boy, this is embarrassing....I've removed and replaced plenty of shift knobs from various cars over the years, but I'm stumped about removing the knob from my '96 six-speed (I'm having to reattach a loose leather boot and want to completely remove the console/boot to get proper access; i...
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    Help with production info

    In the spring I decided that it was time I bought that C4 that I've been wanting, after 25 years of family cars; I was going to spend the summer looking for one....the next day, I found and bought this one, shown at the dealer's showroom, 70 miles from home: LT4 and Z51, which I wanted, but...
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    Finally a Corvette!

    Now I know what all you guys felt when you bought your first Corvette. Holy smoke. After 25 years of family obligations (station wagons, SUV's), and 58 years on this earth, I finally found my Corvette. I've had XKE, 240-Z, and Lotus, way back when, but this is something new and better. She's a...
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