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    need help with coolant leak

    the silly hoses that plug into the thermostat housing running from the coolant tank there are 2 hoses one is a male one is a female. The male hose has a teflon fiting then a oring on it, this plugs into the female fitting on the thermostat housing and thus doesnt leak. Well I had to...
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    engine for sale might possibly part out another ZR1

    Complete running car as it sits is for sale at $20,000 Black on black 90 has just under 80000 miles on it Im in the middle of a deal to sell it without the engine if the buyer doesnt want the car im going to see if there is interest in the parts Im just guaging interest in what part(s) you...
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    1990 airbag forsale

    One airbag forsale 1990 these are specific to the 90 the electrical conector plug for the 90 was only used on 1990 cars, The 91-93 airbags are the same as the 90 and will fit in your wheel but they have a different conector $200
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    FS Pair of 88-90 headlights for sale with motors

    I have a set of headlights these will work on 88,89,90 im not sure exactly what year they changed to the single plug I think it was 91. these are the 2 conector style LH & RH complete except for the headlight covers the part you see when the light on and they are up. This includes the...
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    1987 TT #17 in california anyone close by that could look at it for me?

    Car is located at the same place as before Showroom Auto Sales San Jose, California This poor example of a callaway needs to be saved I love the exterior color matches my ZR-1 and the interior is a very easy fix. Its all the callaway stuff Im clueless about Is there anyone close by that...
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    What ever happend to that 87 callaway with the engine fire?

    I have always been thinking of that car and really would have loved to get my hands on it did anyone here ever find out about the owner? I lost touch with the young man who was looking at buying it as he used his school email and Im sure he has since graduated from college anyway anyone...
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    known wrecked callaways?

    Hey guys does anyone know of any wrecked callaways for sale? johnny
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    Parting out a 1990 ZR1

    1990 ZR1 had 16,000 miles on it. please post here what you want so I have a list of who wants what im keeping the following doors, rear quarters and rear bumper moldings rear bumper and rear bumper lights. EVERYTHING ELSE IS UP FOR GRABS if I send you a price and you dont like it him me up for...
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    91 ZR1 items on ebay

    thermostat housing http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2456841873&category=34201&sspagename=STRK%3AMESSE%3AIT&rd=1 Air cleaner will work on any LT5 LT1 or LT4...
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    Parting out 91 ZR1

    Parting out 91 ZR1 had 15,000 miles on it when wrecked alot of the car is already gone here is a list fo some stuff I have If you want something and dont see it POST here with what you want and a price Im not going to get into any battles over who was first so no emails or IM's please post here...
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    FS Black leather seats complete with power seat tracks they are out of 97-98

    These seats are what I would call average Ill get pictures up tomorrow I have no clue what year they actually are I believe they ar 97 seats I also dont know how many miles they have on them. I am looking for about $600 for these seats Email me and Ill send you pics, Or post here and Ill send...
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    need help finding the owners of these 2 ZR-1's please look it may be you!

    I have the LT5 from 90 #1656 and I have the trany from 90 #1476 I did a little bit of research with my wife helping and we figured out the complete vins and this is what we found 1476 is titled in florida with 6,000 miles 1656 is titled in wyoming and has around 26,000 miles I am trying to...
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    90 ZR1 motor and tranny for sale or may be parting out.

    check it out! nice low milage 90 motor and tranny http://temp.corvetteactioncenter.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=39620 johnny
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    If you see this LT5 engine on ebay do not bid on it!

    I just got into a bunch of heated emails with someone at this address treada@msn.com name was Robert Lee user name on ebay was "daverocks" The seller would only take a bank wire transfer that was to a bank in prauge "yeah right"!! :lol: I keep going back and forth with this guy Then I get a I...
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    1990 ZR1 black on black just over 20,000 miles with water damage

    This is not my Current ZR1 this is another one. vin number1G1YZ23J3L5801918 Car was hit by hurricane Isabel in North Carolina had about 10 inches of water hit the bottom of the car. It has 23,491 miles, car runs and drives has the ABS and selective ride lights lit up on the dash. It would need...
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    My accessory fuse keeps blowing! need ideas maybe something is shorted?

    This is on my 90 ZR1 but i dont think that has anything to do with it, The fuse blew last week now it blew again! It is supposed to be a 15 amp fuse and the one I removed was a 20 it was blown, That was a sign to begin with....my stereo is still all stock with one bose speaker working, And the...
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    4 speed munci identification,

    Who is good at identifing muncies? Im not sure what I have found in my transmission. the gears are sloped at a extream angle downward, acording to my 69 stingray guide book this leads me to believe I have M-22 guts in my tranny. input shaft is smooth no rings Only problem is I have a 64 case...
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    need pics of 87 callaway motor and engine compartment

    just like the topic says thanks guys johnny
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    72 LT1 what should I offer

    Hey guys, This car is going to be for my wife. She has a fallen for the ontario orange with a black interior first one she saw was a 72 and I have been looking! well I found one 1972 CHEVROLET CORVETTE - LT1 Stingray, 4 spd, t-top, power steering, power brakes, power windows, tilt/tele, PO2s...
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    has anyone ever remove there fenders to fix them then reinstall them?

    Heres why im asking when I bought the car bubba had removed the front bumper bracing and had unbolted the radiator frame and let it sit inside of the engine bay so the small block hood he installed on it would close.. so now my problem is the nose is sagging very baddly and the RH fender has a...
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