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  1. J

    New Corsa extreme exhaust installed

    My gas mileage has suffered greatly since installing this exhaust. Down 10mpg. I love the sound and overall happy. Just wondering if this is common among others. Thanks.
  2. J

    OMG Check this out!!!

    I just accidentally put my FOB in the wash machine and it still works. If only the sensor problem in my gas tanks were that easy to fix. And yes I tried all the gas treatments. ;LOL
  3. J

    Can i push start my c6?

    I have a bad starter and need to get my Vette to the repair shop. Is it possible to push start it? Of course it has a manual tranny. Thanks all, Joe
  4. J

    Suspension types

    Hi all, How can I determine if my 2005 base coupe has F1, F2 or F3 suspension. I'm looking to replace my shocks and this question came up. Was going to use OEM shocks unless someone has a better idea. Thanks, Joe
  5. J

    Service fuel system

    I know this has been posted before but I can't find the real answer. I have an 05 coupe with 80,000 miles. Got the message on the DIC and the fuel gauge drops to empty. Is there filter or something I need to change? Is here a simple fix? Anyone please help got a long road trip coming up and...
  6. J

    Where are all the "Vette" Pros?

    Hey all. I've tried a number of times to get some fairly simple info on this forum. Multiple views but no replies. Just a simple question....."see reverse switch location post" Been a member here for years and been to Cruise Fest too. Did I piss someone off?
  7. J

    Reverse switch location

    My 05 Coupe 6speed sometimes doesn't recognize it's in reverse when I shut down the car. This results in the power remaining on. Can someome help me with the location of this switch so I can check it? Thanks all. Joe
  8. J

    Strange headlight problem

    I have a 2005 Coupe with a low beam problem. My lights work fine for about 30 minutes then both go out. All other lights stay on. I've replaced the low beam relay, no fix. If I jump out the relay contacts the lights will come on. It seems that when the car is cold they work. If the car has been...
  9. J

    High Beams OK but no low beams

    Driving home tonight and all of a sudden no headlights! High beams work, fog lights work as do the running lights. Haven't found a blown fuse. Maybe a relay? Changing from auto headlights to manual does't work. The green light on the dash indicating the lights are on works. Really doubt both...
  10. J

    AC Freon question HELP on my way to the "mechanic"

    I've had several serious problems with my 05 coupe. The latest is the AC failing after I had extensive work on the front of the engine. That's another story. Anyway I'm being told that my AC compressor won't kick on because I'm low on freon. My response was well there must be a leak. He replied...
  11. J

    Power window problems

    Drivers side controls are in-op most of the time. Sometimes I can lower the passenger window but not raise it. Drivers window sometimes "stutters" going down but unable to raise it. Sometimes the side mirror & door lock button is in-op. Passenger side works normally. I inspected the door wiring...
  12. J


    My ash tray door won't stay closed. Even the slightest bump and the door pops open. Any way to fix this or am I forced to order the whole assy? Never use it but would hate to just seal it shut. Any ideas?
  13. J

    Finally got my new roof

    After 1 botched repair the dealer got my new roof. Paint matches and no popping noises anymore. Took about one week. I'm happy once again. Thanks to all for the replies and especially C4C5 for the advise on what to look for after the replacement is done.:D
  14. J


    Even though I'm not in the Vin # range the roof separated from the frame this morning. Almost blew off on the Long Island Expway with traffic behind me but somehow I was able to grab onto it from the drivers window. Not a good feeling. No recall on my car from GM. All coupe roofs need to be...
  15. J

    Ash Tray Removal

    I put my ring by the lighter in the ash tray area and closed the door. Little did I know that after closing the door a space opens up under the lighter and my ring fell into the console. There's all kinds of places it could be in there. Any ideas to access this area. I was also thinking maybe...
  16. J


    After getting my 3rd ticket for no front plate, 2 while parked and the one yesterday after getting pulled over at the Midtown Tunnel toll plaza, I put my front plate on today. I hate the way it looks. It's like a beautiful woman with one big ugly tooth sticking out of her mouth!!!! I know this...
  17. J


    That's a new message that appears on the DIC on extremely cold mornings. Just thought I would share that with the C6 owners in the warmer climates. I sure hate winter, but love driving my Vette! :_rock
  18. J

    Dealer Service Satisfaction

    Other than the Better Business Bureau is there anyway to look up a dealers service record. Are they rated anywhere? Good or bad.
  19. J

    Touch up spray paint?

    Is there anyplace to find Lemans Blue touch up paint in a spray can? I'm looking to paint my front plate holder myself. Damn that front plate. Also thinking of having the bracket chromed. I heard they can chrome plate plastic. Anyone have this done? Thanks to all.
  20. J

    My new C6 has arrived

    Dealer called this morning. Car arrived sooner than expected. Lemans Blue Coupe. Life is good once again. Wish me luck!!!!
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