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  1. timfitz63

    Sticky Residue on Steering Wheel Airbag Cover

    Has anyone else encountered this? I was cleaning up my '04 the other day and noticed that the rubber cover of the steering wheel airbag was covered in a sticky residue; it actually appears that the rubber cover is deteriorating. I tried cleaning it with water that had a hint of soap in it and...
  2. timfitz63

    Top-Mount Battery Terminals for 2004 Model Year

    Anybody know where I can source a replacement along with the tightening nut? These are the funky top-mount terminals that have a special nut with a conical bottom that tightens a clamping bar. The negative terminal on my '04 convertible decided to unceremoniously corrode. It still currently...
  3. timfitz63

    Tonneau Cover Strut Replacement

    Hey, gang! Was tinkering with my '04 Convertible today. Decided to put the top down and discovered that the struts that hold the tonneau cover upright when doing so had weakened to the point where they were basically useless; so they need to be replaced. A quick (i.e., not comprehensive)...
  4. timfitz63

    VH-1 Prize Collection To Find New Life

    Some of you may remember, as I do, of a VH-1 sweepstakes in which one person was awarded a collection containing every model year of the Corvette between 1953 and 1989. Those cars have, apparently, been gathering dust -- quite literally -- in New York for the past 25 years, neglected by their...
  5. timfitz63

    Corvette Invasion Of The Oasis (19 July 2014)

    Just learned of this myself yesterday: The annual Corvette Invasion of the Oasis (on Lake Travis, outside of Austin, TX) will be happening on 19 July. I don't have a lot of details myself, and the main source of information seems to be on Facebook (which I can't access at the moment), but I...
  6. timfitz63

    A Few Cosmetic Improvements

    I'd picked up a solid targa top some months back, and finally got around to getting it painted to match (as much as such a thing is possible with this color) Aztec Gold #15. Actually, it came out very well. The paint work was done by Wolbert's Auto Body and Repair in Crafton, PA; I highly...
  7. timfitz63

    Just Say "No" To E15

    Wasn't quite sure where on the forum to post this for maximum visibility; Moderators can feel free to move it accordingly. Haven't seen much media coverage about this: Warnings Not to Use 'E15' Gas In Your Car | Fox Business Although GM is not listed among them, the long and short of it is...
  8. timfitz63

    Exhaust Pipe Weld Became 'Unwelded'...?

    Well, yet another minor mechanical issue with Aztec Gold #15. How a fifteen year-old vehicle with only 10k miles on it develops these kinds of maladies is beyond my understanding... :hb I've got a '97 GMC Jimmy with ~120k miles on it that still has the original exhaust system... Anyway, when...
  9. timfitz63

    Targa Top Panel Disassembly

    Has anybody got any instructions or pointers on how to disassemble the targa top panel? I've picked up a one of the solid (painted) tops (salvaged, but in very good condition) with the intent of having it painted to match (as much as it can be said to do so) Aztec Gold #15, and want to remove...
  10. timfitz63

    For Sale WTB: 1963 Split Window Coupe

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the tips! Beautiful car, but you're correct: too many 'mods' for my tastes. Yeah, a bit on the high side for me... Actually, quite a bit on the high side... I see the "Fuel Injection" badge on the side, but they don't really elaborate on what the engine is. And...
  11. timfitz63

    For Sale WTB: 1963 Split Window Coupe

    Well, I think I'm finally going to get serious about this. I've been wanting one of these since I was old enough to say "Corvette," and it seems to me that a 50-year-old Corvette it would make a good 50th birthday present from me to me... :D I have some time before that milestone event...
  12. timfitz63

    C5 Car Cover Recommendations?

    Executed a search on the forum, but didn't find much in the way of recommendations; and what I did find was several years old, so I figure it might be just best to put the question to the masses again in real-time: Any recommendations for a quality car cover for the C5? I would primarily be...
  13. timfitz63

    Question: GM Parts Numbers...?

    I'm trying (but not having great success with any of the online GM parts outlets) to locate GM parts numbers (or whatever numbers would be used in ordering such parts) for: The solid targa top on the coupe (RPO CF7); preferably OEM primed, unpainted. I can find the optional, clear (RPO CC3)...
  14. timfitz63

    Corvette-Related Magazine Back Issues

    I'm trying to track down actual printed copies of specific back issues for a couple of Corvette-related magazine: the April 2008 issue (#40) of Corvette Magazine the March 2009 issue of Corvette Enthusiast What few online sources seem to have them have proven surprisingly pricey for a single...
  15. timfitz63

    New-To-Me 1998 Corvette: Help Me Sort Out The Squawks

    Well, as of this morning, I'm the proud owner of the McDorman Collection Aztec Gold coupe...! :happyanim: Neat story there: the gentleman who purchased it at last November's auction was actually looking for a 'driver' for he and his wife to enjoy putting miles on. When their son-in-law...
  16. timfitz63

    Question: How Much Excess Oil Is Too Much...?

    OK. This is probably going to come across as a bit anally-retentive; but I'm an engineer, so try not to hold it against me... ;) Recently had the oil changed on my 'Vette. I supplied my trusted independent mechanic shop with all the oil and a filter, and just had them do the oil change while...
  17. timfitz63

    WTB: Original 1998 Owner's Manual

    Including anything that would have come with it (leather binder, other generic papers/pamphlets/inserts, etc.). Anyone know where I can dredge one up? Not looking for an electronic copy of the manual, but an original, bound paper copy like would have been supplied with a 1998 Corvette. Thanks!
  18. timfitz63

    Hood Latch Adjustment?

    Is there an easy way to make some fine adjustments on the hood latches? When I close the hood on mine, the driver's side latch usually doesn't catch without some "encouragement" from me (i.e., what amounts to slamming it). :ugh
  19. timfitz63

    Any Electrochromatic Mirror Leaks...?

    For those with the electrochromatic (auto-dimming) rearview mirrors in their C5's: has anyone experienced fluid leaking from their mirror(s)? I've not experienced it myself, and have searched the forum for reports of this kind of thing, finding only one (a driver's side exterior mirror). As...
  20. timfitz63

    FYI: Mobil1 5W30 Synthetic On Sale at O'Reilly Auto Parts

    For those who do their own oil changes, or provide the materials to your mechanic so they can perform it for you: I recently learned that O'Reilly Auto Parts has several grades of the Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil on sale for $4.99/qt. -- including the 5W30 recommended for the C5 (and probably...
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