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    Question: 1957 Corvette

    Saw this Corvette for sale and have question? Corvettes for Sale: Super Rare 1957 Headed to Carlisle’s Lakeland Winter Auction Question is: What is meant by power top bonnet delete. Add claims the 1957 rare Corvette has power top. Are they talking about the convertible top hard boot? If so...
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    Question: 1963 Sting Ray Corvette (Early)

    Hi, Is the interior carpet assembly for early 1963 Corvette with floor depressions cut differently than later 1963 Corvette model?
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    Wanted Looking for Wanted 1967 Corvette RPO974 (Rally Red) with RPOL36 model 19467 convertible

    Looking for 1967 Corvette VIN 194677S100560. I'm the original owner and these are the options ordered on July 21,1966 at Curhan Chevrolet Randolph Massachusetts. Rally red, Black hood stripe, standard black convertible top, auxiliary Rally Red Hardtop, standard black vinyl interior trim, white...
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    For Sale 2006Corvette1YY07&Z51&3LT&74UVictoryRed&023Red

    Up for your consideration, former Corvette Continuous Quality Improvement Engineer selling 2006 Corvette Z51 with 20,682 miles/these options: Corvette is optioned out less RPOK05 engine block heater Corvette stored climate controlled attached building in pristine condition. I'm the original...
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    For Sale 1989 Corvette Selective Ride Control Center Console Switch Assembly GM Part Number 10098464 (RPOFX3)

    For your consideration selling 1989 Corvette OEM RPOFX3 Control Switch - GM (10098464) Part is no longer available. Back in 1989 my Corvette driver information screen showed message (Service Selective Ride Control) The problem was not the control switch, but loose left front Bilstein shock...
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    Question: C2 Corvette 4-speed transmission linage adjustment for short throw.

    Question for C2 Corvette aficionado's. Were the 1963 early Borg Warner 4-speed transmissions adjustable to change the shift throw from long to short. My 1967 VIN194677S100560 with Muncie M21 was adjustable for a short shift.
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    Question: C2 Corvette's model year's 64, 65, 66, only

    Need to ask C2 Corvette aficionado's question, because I do not remember and can't find information. Was there color override on 1964, 1965, and 1966 Corvette's for interior trim. Example could customer order blue exterior and red interior and pay the override charge like a person can today by...
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    Question: C6 Corvette with RPON37 (Tilt/Telescopic steering column)

    Question for C6 Corvette aficionado's. Is the telescopic worm gear servicable by removing only the driver side knee bolster/upper steering column collar? Have squeak with telescopic column. Only when column travels to full up position.
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    Question: 1967 Corvette 427 body built at AO Smith Ionia Michigan

    Does anyone know how many documented very early 1967 big block Corvette's were built by AO Smith less VIN365?
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    For sale: Two RR hatch '24 hour endurance champ' decals

    Rear hatch '24 hour endurance champ' decals. To celebrate the 24 hour endurance world record run at Fort Stockton, Texas in a 1990 Corvette ZR-1, all 1991 coupes were delivered with this commemorative decal installed at the L.H. forward corner of the rear hatch glass. Anyone interested that is...
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    Question: Regular production option FE4&E60

    Hi, Have question? I should know the answer but not sure. In order to buy RPOE60 (Front lift adjustable height with GPS cloud memory), do you need to buy RPOFE4 (Z51 suspension performance with Magnetic Selective Ride Control, with includes (B4Z) Performance Traction Management) Also is the 18.5...
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    Question: C1 Corvette with Fisher bodies?

    Hi, Did the C1 Corvette's have Fisher Bodies?
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    Important! Two genuine GM rare decals for sale

    To celebrate the "24 Hour Endurance" world record run in a 1990 Corvette ZR-1 at Fort Stockton,Texas. All 1991 Corvette coupe vehicles were delivered with this commemorative decal installed on the rear hatch glass in the upper left hand corner.* Get one of these rare decals while they're still...
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    Loud squawk in telescopic steering column

    When my telescopic steering wheel makes it's full extended position get a loud squawk/squeak noise. Believe the noise is coming from the telescopic column aluminum square post. Anyone experiencing this annoying noise with their tilt telescopic steering wheel on C6 Corvette? When the warm humid...
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    Question: 1Yv67&ZTK

    Why is the carbon fiber end caps on front splitter deleted on model 1YV67 with RPOZTK? Price $2995.00) is the same on 07/67 styles. Anyone know the answer?
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    Question: Active handling/Traction Control fault

    Own 2012 Corvette Coupe with MX0 automatic transmission and base axle ratio. After hard launch my driver information screen displayed "Service active handing & Traction control systems. The indicator icons lights for both systems stayed on for a few days on the dash and then went out. No DTC's...
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    News: No new C7 Corvette's will be shown at the 2017 NAIAS

    While its been widely touted that the 2018 Corvette ZR1 is expected to be shown at the Detroit auto show, the guys over at GM Authority are saying they have it on “good authority” that there will be no new Corvette variants revealed during next week’s 2017 North American International Auto Show...
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    News: New Product waiting list at Les Stanford Chevrolet Dearborn Michigan

    Les Stanford Chevrolet has established and was confirmed waiting list for the next generation Corvette. Currently twenty four people have sent $2,000.00 to Les Stanford Chevrolet to be first in line for new product. Les Stanford Chevrolet is the third largest seller of Corvettes, behind Kerbeck...
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    New Sterling Blue being Cancelled

    Last order date: 02/16/2017 Last build week 03/20/2017
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