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    C4s design

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    Nouveau membre.

    Another WELCOME !
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    New Member

    Another WELCOME !
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    Caution wide load

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    BY BY Trump Plaza

    I wanted to go but it was in the 20's this AM. I seen a few implosions in Philly
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    New Member

    Had the 85 around 10 years or so. BTW,I'll be 68 in July Spunky & still turning wrenches for a Trucking Co. I was driving the 93 till 1/24/21 then they started the brine & salt on the roads. Been getting snow,sleet etc a couple times a week since then. Waiting on another round this Thurs.
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    New Member

    Another Welcome ! My old 85 was Black.
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    Hello from New Hampshire

    Don-L36 New member JoinedDec 22, 2019Messages2LocationNew Ipswich, NHCorvette1967 red roaster Another Welcome. Is there a software glitch ?
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    Hello from NY!!

    Another welcome !
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    The gorilla glue chalenge

    Gorilla Glue challenge sends Louisiana man Len Martin to the ER
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    For Sale Animal House 59 for sale

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    New c4 owner here

    Another Welcome !
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    Pristine 1995 Corvette For Sale With Just 387 Miles On It!

    Well the vented opti is a plus,minus for the Automatic.
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    A Beast of a 1968 Corvette C3R Wide Body Hits Mecum Auction Block

    I had the chance to take another look.I can see the egg crate side grills,not 68 so maybe the car had a new front section put on due to a front end collision.No flip up wiper cover. I cant see the door with its 1 year push button. I cant see the in dash ign switch either. Just some things I...
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    looking for a surprise gift project for my son

    Thanks for your service! Happy new year & Welcome to the forum. Good luck tracking down your old 60.
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    DITO !
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