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  1. Toms007

    New Member

    Welcome aboard.!
  2. Toms007

    Question: Black Bar on Windshield

    XM and On-Star antennae are there as well, I think.
  3. Toms007

    Installed new opti-spark in 92 base corvette and now won't start

    I don't remember, did you check the fuel pressure at the engine? It was low, right? Then you replaced the fuel pump, correct? Did you check FP after that? Just sounds like FP issue to me. FPR could be not allowing enough FP. Just grasping at straws here, but low FP is making sense here...
  4. Toms007

    Nouveau membre.

    Glad you are here! :w
  5. Toms007

    Caution wide load

    Hey vetteboy.... you’re a red neck! ;LOL
  6. Toms007

    C5 vs C6

    One at a time....
  7. Toms007

    For Sale 1965 Corvette Convertible 327/365 Red/Blk

    Sweet car. Wish I had the spare cash and place to keep it. Good luck with the sale.
  8. Toms007

    Looking to upgrade C4 to C7

    Beautiful car...love the color combo!
  9. Toms007

    C5 vs C6

    I liked my C5 a lot. Good performance, nice ride, good interior passenger space, good gas mileage, nice road car with lots of space for luggage. But 007 (my C6) is better in all respects. I too, have the 6M trans in 007.
  10. Toms007

    The gorilla glue chalenge

    Freaking ID10TS. Polyurethane glues cure "In the presence of moisture" You ain't going to lick it off your lips. There isn't anything (that I know of) that will soften it once it cures out....... one reason why I don't like using it........
  11. Toms007

    Whats the difference?

    The Stingray is the Corvette model name resurrected from the 60s and 70s model Corvettes. Beginning with the 2014 model year all Corvettes carried the "Stingray" name. The Z06 is an engine option, the LT4 which is supercharged. Super chargers are similar to Turbochargers, except Turbos are...
  12. Toms007

    Show off your C6's!!

    Not a C6, but, that's a nice looking Vette.
  13. Toms007

    Question: How many Z07 owners do we have here?

    I started the database and found quite a few Ruby Z07s. Don't remember how many though ...not sure if I still have my copy of the DB. I'll have to look. Maybe tcxd will check in here soon and add you to the list....if we don't already have it listed. Nice looking Ruby! Nice to see another...
  14. Toms007

    CAC CruiseFest....2008

    That's pretty dog-gone cool Andre! Brought back good memories! Several faces I knew. (RIP Bossvett) Thank you for sharing. I really miss that old White 94.
  15. Toms007

    Rare 1963 Corvette Factory Pilot Line Car Comes Up For Sale

    I didn't think the 63s had a wood steering wheel option....thought they were colored like the interior color.;shrug
  16. Toms007

    Installed new opti-spark in 92 base corvette and now won't start

    Junkie will check in here shortly and give you a suggestion.
  17. Toms007

    The corvette C8s price

    I'm a Corvette guy, so I love them.Love the idea that it hs moved to the mid-engine design. I can't speak to the quality as I have not even seen one "in the wild" yet. I want to investigate for myself. It does concern me that many 'stealerships' are tacking on a premium and, that there are...
  18. Toms007

    Help! Time to replace the battery ?

    Found this: 90 9 11/16 6 7/8 6 7/8 96R 9 9/16 6 13/16 6 7/8
  19. Toms007

    C4 specialist

    Welcome to CAC! Apparently you are having problems with your C4. We have a wealth of knowledge here. Post up the info on the car (year, engine, problems) and maybe our guys here can get you headed the right direction.
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