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    Caution wide load

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    BY BY Trump Plaza

    I wanted to go but it was in the 20's this AM. I seen a few implosions in Philly
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    The gorilla glue chalenge

    Gorilla Glue challenge sends Louisiana man Len Martin to the ER
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    For Sale Animal House 59 for sale

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    Chuck Yeagar died

    https://wvmetronews.com/2020/12/07/chuck-yeager-famed-pilot-and-legendary-west-virginian-has-died/ 1986...
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    December 7,1941

    On December 7, 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the hub of the United States military power in the Pacific. More than 180 planes were destroyed; 18 ships were sunk or severely damaged. More than 3,700 men and women were wounded or killed. The events of that day, "a date which will live...
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    The Granatelli Jet Vette

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    Happy Turkey Day All !

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    The VH 1 1ST 10 Winners

    [VIDEO] First 10 Winners of the Lost Corvettes Receive Their Cars in Times Square Ceremony - Corvette: Sales, News & Lifestyle Long story attached to theres vette's,but heres a pic of some in storage .
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    Thank you veterans

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    Fans of mussel cars will appreciate this.

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    Your C8 may be delayed

    https://www.corvetteblogger.com/2020/10/30/video-stolen-2020-corvette-crashes-through-a-dealers-gate-during-philadelphia-riots/ I was born & raised in Philly "Port Richmond" bailed out there in 80.
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    Batwoman's C7

    [PICS] The Batwoman's New Batmobile is a C7 Corvette Shooting Brake - Corvette: Sales, News & Lifestyle
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    For Sale 70/BB/SPORT WAGON

    https://barnfinds.com/crazy-1970-chevrolet-corvette-396-sportwagon/?utm_medium=Browser&utm_source=Webpushr I put that tarantula manifold on my old 68/l71 when I trashed the trips.Im grov'en on it.
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    For Sale G Barris kustom 58 for sale

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    Enter to win a "Bacon" mask

    https://www.breathablebacon.com/ Good luck !
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    Kiddie Vette ride for sale

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    C4 Factory BB flash back

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    9/11/01 never forget

    - 8:46 a.m. ET (approx.) - American Airlines Flight 11 (traveling from Boston to Los Angeles) strikes the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York City. The plane is piloted by plot leader Mohamed Atta. -- 9:03 a.m. ET (approx.) - United Airlines Flight 175 (traveling from Boston to Los...
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    Labor day 2020

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