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    D30 "Color Override" option

    After reviewing the 2012 Porduction #'s, I ran across "D30" Color Override" option. What IS that? All I know is 58 cars had it. None were Z06's. Are there 58 "Mary Kay" Corvettes running around?;LOL
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    Synthetic or "dino" oil?

    Back in 1994, during the Charlotte 600 NASCAR race, an oil company did a test with 2 Hendrick/Joe Gibbs car engines. Both were run the full 600 miles at race speed. Both were totally torndown post race. (They always are.) One was run with a synthetic oil and the other got "dino" oil. Both oils...
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    Grand Sport Drove the gs vert

    I test drove a new GS vert last Sunday. I currently have a 2006 Z06 (for 4 years.) I wanted to see the differences. Here's what I discoverd~ The car I drove had the MXO tranmission. I liked it! (around town.) The GS has slightly more body roll than the Z. The engine is nice and...
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    C6 enthusiast model

    OK, I was having one of those "If I were King" moments, and decided that I would create a C6 with exactly what I wanted, and deleted what I didn't want. Here's what I wanted: 1. *LS7 with parts that were not influenced by bean counters in Michigan 2. The alum frame currrently used 3. CC brakes...
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    A friend has a very nice 1986 with 235,000 miles. It has won a few shows because it's in nice shape. The problem is the 700R4 trans. It has lost 3rd and "D." The owner would like to get a C5 so this needs to go. Should she: A. Spend $3200 to get a "new" trans? B. Sell the car, as is? C...
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    My 2006 Z06 is finally out of warranty, so I feel safe to modify some things that have proven problematic. One of those things are the rocker arms. I've heard of Harland Sharp but was thinking of trying Scorpion Racing Products rockers as they look REALLY good. I suppose I'll have to change the...
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    Anyone seen the "new orange" for 2010? It's called "Inferno Orange." It can be seen on the 2009 Tahoe. It looks like "Hugger Orange" from 40 years ago. It is replaceing "Atomic orange." Like everything else that's new & different, there will be haters I'm sure...:eyerole
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    Hi gang, I'm fed up with the tunnel heat on our Z06's. I already have an insulation kit installed (under the carpeting.) This is nice but I think there is more that can be done. My exhaust system is 100% factory stock and I'm thinking about getting some "exhaust wrapping tape" and going from the...
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    ***TOP GEAR***

    Tonight on "Top Gear" the ZR1 will makes it's debut on Bonneville. Ferrari: "Take note." Check you local BBC listings.:thumb
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    Anyone know if the new carbon/ceramic brake system on the ZR-1 will retrofit onto the current Z06? I'd like price and availability. Lots or swept area it appears!
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    Find your local speedtrap here: www.speedtrap.org
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    I went to the local Chevy dealership this am and they have another C6Z DSOM with chromies in the service area! Those chromies sure look nice! Anyway,I was watching the "Corvette Tech" dismantle my car. It took him 5 minutes to have the roof off. My car was built Jan.10 so I didn't have the "SMC"...
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