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    Ouch ! I scraped a tree !! How bad is this ??

    I accidentally scraped a tree at the end of the driveway.. How bad is this going to be to repair ? Anyone have any thoughts or expereinces ?.. I am sick about this btw.. Ugh ! Apparently my pic is too large to post.. but it is the front driver side wheel well.. It is scraped.. and...
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    Door Sill Protectors Anyone ??

    Has anyone installed the aftermarket door sill protectors on their cars ? I am thinking about doing this and have picked out a clear type sill protector with a C3 logo on it from Eckler's . Any thoughts... wisdom and experiences about doing this add on ? Thanks ! Tom
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    My Winter car is a (gas tank needing) 91 Honda Civic 4x4 Wagon !

    Hey guys ! One of our winter drivers is a 1991 Honda Civic 4x4 Wagon.. I know !.. :eyerole Anyway... it needs a new ( or good used gas tank) Any thoughts on where to get one ? I sort of thought since most of you know alot about automotive stuff that I would ask ! (and I drop wingnuts down the...
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    Well .. here we are and it is almost December ! I have been driving the car on a weekly basis due to the fairly warm (and dry) weather. I have an almost full tank of gas, all fluids etc.. are good and it is an attached heated garage with an exhaust port through the front door. If this winter...
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    2002 Z28 Fun (What was the Proper Response?)

    I have had my C3 for 5 months or so now. The other day I pulled up to a red light where directly ahead of me and pointed in my direction sat a 2002 Camaro (these things have what ? 300+ HP ?). Anway, He had been sitting there for awhile but... when I stopped at the light the engine revving...
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    '81 Auto Shift Knob Replacement/Upgrade

    I would like to replace or upgrade the automatic tranny shift knob on my '81. I have seen replacement "originals" and the chrome knobs. Does anyone know if there is a retailer that sells something a little different ? ie. maybe a shifter with a C3 logo on it.. different colors etc..? Tom
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    One piece "Astro" top / T-TOP REPLACEMENT

    I have been looking at the one piece "Astro"style top to replace or supplement the painted hard top panels on my '81. Has anyone had any experience with these. Do they use the same pin style mounting that the stock panels have ?All opinions and comments welcome ! Thanks. Tom
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    Center console Arm rest Cushion ? Yes or No ?

    I am considering adding a center console arm rest cushion to my car. The so called "option that GM forgot " etc.. Anyone else do this ? All opinions and observations welcome. Thanks ! Tom
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    Looking for "authentic" C3 floormats

    I have been looking for floormats for the '81 now for a few weeks.. looked at the usual suspects.. ebay.. Ecklers.. CA.. etc.. but I am not sure what to get. I would like to find some quality carpeted or even mixed rubber and carpeted mats with the authentic flag logo (ebay has some that have it...
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    Electric Antenna Question

    I looked through the threads and either did not see this or totally missed it. Q. Is there a way to manually lower a non functioning electric antenna ? I would like to put a car cover on the 81 while it is garaged for the winter and have yet to find one that comes with a malfunctioning antenna...
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    Hazard Lights/Flashers

    Has anyone else had this issue ? My turn signals work fine on the '81 but my hazard flashers are dead.. and my turn signals do not work when I have the flasher mech engaged...which I guess would be the norm working or not ? Tried to replace the flashing switch on them with another that...
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    What is the name of this part ?

    Hi guys ! New to the Registry... neat place you have here btw ! I have a totally disentegrated _____________. This is a 5 inch or so plastic sort of a snorkel like piece that runs from the center of the air cleaner housing to the aluminum thing just behind the radiator ( is this the thermostat...
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    1981 Rear Window Defroster Switch Lever

    Hi fellow C3 Vette owners.. new to this group but I have spent my time lurking ! Cool site. My question is this: I am missing the "knob" off my lever.. Where can I find a replacement ? The unit works fine.. it is just the all important appearance knob or switch on the counsel that is missing...
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