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    Hei, Qjet?

    If my ECM is dead I plan on replacing the carb and dist. Here's what I'm thinking: Summit Hei blueprinted dist @ $85 Eldebrock 1406 or Summit remanufactured Qjet---don't know which is a better choice What do y'all think?
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    Computer dead?

    I just purchased an 81, still waiting for the service manual. Previous owner removed all emissions stuff. While driving it home you could tell there was a miss that seemed very much like a timing issue. Put the light on it to discover an initial timing at 22 Adv! Ran it up to 2100rpm and no...
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    Strange tach

    Just bought an 81 and at idle the tach seems fine. As you accelerate the tach begins to climb but stops at approx 1300-1400 rpm. You can imagine my eyes when I saw the tach at that mark while I was going 65! What should I begin to check?
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