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    My t-tops are coming apart? The glass is pulling away from the plastic. Anybody got any ideas how to glue them back together? ;shrug Thanks, P. Martin
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    Help! Replaced the E4ME

    I replaced the E4ME carb last night with a rebuilt one i bought at international carburator. I have an issue when you get down on it the throttle wants to stick at around 3000rpm and you have to shut the key off to get it idle back down. Does anyone know if any adjustments that need to be done...
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    Replaced ECM but still have problems Please Help!

    I replaced the ECM and PROM today but the check engine light is still on. I did make some progress today because the car will now start and run when the wiring from the distributor to the ECM is connected. Which it would not do before I replaced the ECM. I tried to jump together the D&E...
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    E4ME Carb replacement

    Once again my 81 is running way to rich. :confused This carb is driving me nuts. What would be the side effects if I moved to a different Carb than the E4ME? Please advise...
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    I need a good corvette mechanic

    Any body know of any good corvette shop's in Jacksonville, FL. I have a front seal leaking in my rearend that needs to be fixed. Thanks, P. Martin
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    Help! My baby is finally home but there is a problem

    I finally got my 81 home and reverse is out. It appears the reverse linkage is not connected to the tranny. I guess after hualing it 800 miles some thing came loose. Does anyone know how the rod connects? My friend has a lift so I can get a better look at it this weekend. I could feel its...
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    Power Seat

    Does anybody know where to get the gear that is attached to the power seat motor that lets the seat adjust? I've look everywhere with no luck...
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    New 81 owner and Forum Member

    I've been reading the forum for sometime now and I just recently purchased an 81 with a 4sp:) and 88,000 original miles. I just finished installing new interior and now I'm wondering how to get more power out of this L81. Any ideas??? What would you guys recommend without breaking the...
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