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    Correct shift points (RPM) on ‘82 700R-4

    Interesting. A while back I ran across a mention of the shift points as you describe but did not bookmark it and now can’t find it. :mad: As mentioned above, prior to rebuild it did not shift through the gears so quickly nor hold them so long. We used the same valve body and TV cable. Those...
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    Correct shift points (RPM) on ‘82 700R-4

    We did replace the TV cable but no change. We are now looking at the governor...It was rebuilt but it might not be correct for application (Corvette is apparently different than regular cars in this respect). After that we are thinking valve body. Just a few oversights from an otherwise very...
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    Correct shift points (RPM) on ‘82 700R-4

    Hello all, recently had the 700R-4 in our ‘82 rebuilt. Before, it leaked like a sieve and I don’t think it was achieving lock up. Post rebuild it no longer leaks, has nice crisp shifts and seems to be getting lock up, however, it shifts very quickly on the way up (1800-ish or less under...
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    For Sale: 1982 Corvette

    Here are the basics: Clean condition. Clean California title. Garaged. Stock 350CID CrossFire Injection with 700R4 transmission. Bushings and ball joints replaced. Brakes replaced. Shocks replaced (Bilstein). Interior freshened with new carpets and (most ) weather striping. SEM vinyl...
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    Help! Passenger door latch failure

    On our '82 the passenger door latch mostly looks like this: One can feel spring tension when it is depressed and it returns about half way home consistently. Sometimes it will return to the full rest position (in line with the top of door) but not always. It does, however, always fail to...
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    Replacing speakers in an '82

    Ours still has the stock AM/FM/cassette and does work (it's nice no one hacked up the car to install aftermarket stuff). I am having difficulty verifying if the stock system would still be 10 ohms as in years past - can anyone verify this? The dash speakers say Polk (keep forgetting to check...
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    Question: Poly vs. rubber bushings

    Going to do the strut rods and control arms on the '82. Opinions on using polyurethane or rubber bushings? In the 1st and 2nd gen world the opinion, by and large, is to use rubber these days...poly has a lot of detractors. In reading in various spots and looking at vendors products it seems...
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    Help! 1982 TPS help please

    Went to check the setting on the TPS today. Signal wire shows .624v at closed position. Ran it through the range of motion and at WOT it showed just 4.25v. To further complicate things the hot wire is showing just 5.08v. Before I start messing with a car that runs and drives thought I...
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    '82 power steering control valve and cylinder

    Got a good look at the aforementioned items today. Both are leaking significantly. Is it better to rebuild them? Buy reman'd units or spring for new pieces? Recommendations on brand, etc. Welcomed.
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    Just picked up an '82

    Hi! Obviously new to the forum and relatively new to Corvettes. I've done a lot with 1st and early 2nd gen Camaros (have several of each at the moment) and have a '70 Corvette project that was dumped on me by a friend in 1000's and 1000's of pieces. Picked up an '82 base car last week in very...
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