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    Site Update: 2020 - 2021 Corvette: GM TechLink: Inoperative Hood Release Buttons

    I had this problem last July. They have changed the actuator for the frunk. There were no corrosion into the connector. If this happen to you, then you need to pull the cable (located in the foot well close to the steering colum a bit left to the brake pedal) to reset the message in the cluster...
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    Question: Will there be a need for dealers to start a 2023 STINGRAY list ?

    We are now mid-Fevruary and my local dealer still have a waiting list over 70 for a Stingray model and over 65 names for Z06 model. He will get around 30 Corvette per year so yes there will still be a very long waiting list for 2023 Corvette.
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    DCT Filter change

    Guys, I was with the mechanic when they changed my DCT filter. Once the car is on the lift, they have to remove the protection plate under the transmission (around 12 bolts maximum), then remove the 4 bolts that hold the filter body, pull the filter out of the transmission and then reverse the...
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    The 2022 Corvette Visualizer Tool is Now Live!

    Not live anymore.... I get a 404 message.
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