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    Question: Intake manifold removal procedure?

    I'll give it a look. Thank you for the reply. Bob
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    Question: Intake manifold removal procedure?

    Thanks for the reply. I have a factory GM Vette service manual. Nothing about removing. It looks like a big job and I can probably do it. It is just new territory for me. I was hoping for some hints that could guide me. My background is carbs. I guess I will remove obvious hoses, cables...
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    Question: Intake manifold removal procedure?

    Can you offer any hints as to how to remove the intake manifold on my 86? It's been leaking coolant for years and I'm hearing the gaskets were poor, break down and need to be replaced. A mechanic said from my symptoms, a 95% probability new gaskets will cure the leak. Any hints as to...
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    Help! directions for installing 1986 pace car decals in this forum??

    I thought I saw a reference for directions for installing a 1986 pace car decal kit on this site. I have not been able to find it. Do you have the ability to cruise past posts and find this if it exists?? I have the decal set, but need detailed directions, rather than scaling a photo. I...
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    Emblem question: 86 pace car???

    Does any one know which are correct for my Bright Red convert? As I recall there were many more color options offered, so many I didn't know which to order. Now They are gone through OEM. These are repops: 1986 Corvette Pace Car Note: 1986 Corvette Pace Car...
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