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    Won't Blow--No A/C

    Last year the trip back form Carlisle was a bit "warm" w/o the A/C, so this year I got it recharged. Worked great. For about a week. Coincidently, now it appears that the blower is an additional problem. The compressor cycles OK. Cold pipes. The dash switches appear to trigger the...
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    Platinum Plugs?

    Getting ready for the pilgrimage to Carlilse, I figured I'd tune the car. All these years I've used only ACs in my "babies" . . . sometime Autolites in the others. Just had a problem with my daughter's Cavalier, where It just started running like @#$%. Found an arc in one of the wires, so I...
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    New Shocks for an 82

    Anybody have any advice on what replacement shocks offer the best combination of ride/handling. I'm not looking to enter any road ralleys--just improve the handling and the ride at the same time. I don't want to have to take out a loan, either. Do I trust SEARS? Bilstein? Monroe . . .or back to...
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    Frozen Converter Bolts

    I want to keep my 82 fundamentally "stock" and original. But, wanting a little more juice, I've added K&Ns, removed the air door, added Super Turbos and am now adding a free-flow converter. Started soaking the bolts, but I can see this is going to be a bear to get off . . . now's when I wish I...
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