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    Engine Idles Only if Choke is Closed.

    Hello All, I have a 1975 350 manual shift. Bought a 1604 Edelbrok carb and installed with pressure gauge and pressure valve. Fuel pressure set to 5.5 to 6 pounds. The problem is the engine stalls on idle. If you close the choke down the engine idles fine, but if the choke is open the engine...
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    Edelbrock Carb Issues

    Hi All, I have a 1975 350 4spd. I purchased and installed an Edelbrock 1406 600 cfm carb. When the car idles everything is fine including revving the engine. However when I put the car in gear and go down the street the engine sputters like it's going to stall. I need to take the car out of...
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    Ignition key issues

    Hi All, I had to replace the ignition switch actuator rack in a tilt telescopic 1975 steering column. Everything looks fine and works great with the column cover off. However when I install the column cover the key ignition cylinder is very tight to remove and insert the key the key will...
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    Steering Column Swap

    Hello All, I have a 1975 Tilt Telescopic sterring column. Can I swap it for just a tilt steering column with no modifications or electric conversions? ​​​​​​​Thanks
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    Replacing the rod from ignition key to ignition switch

    When I turn the ignition key the rod on top of the column that goes to the ignition switch does not move and the engine will not crank. I removed the steering column. How do you repair or replace this. Does anyone know or have pics or video on how to do this? Thanks
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    Engine will not cranks

    Hi All, I just finished tuning up the car and all is project, engine runs beautifully. 30min later I turn the key and the engine will not crank at all. I thought it was that feature that the clutch had to be depressed for the engine to crank. Is there a way to disable this so I rule it out as...
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    Quadrajet Desperation

    Can anyone please help. Had a 1975 Quadrajet carb rebuilt for 1975 350 manual Corvette. The car starts idles and drives great. But if you nail the gas pedal the car hesitates and no pickup or power. If you cruse all is well and pick is perfect, problem is just when you floor the pedal is when...
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    Ignition lock cylinder install

    Does anyone know how to remove and install the ignition lock cylinder on a 1975 tilt wheel. I was told that you stick a rod in a hole by the ignition cylinder lock and turn the key backwards to remove it. Is that true? Thanks
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    How to remove upper control arm bolts.

    Hi All, I'm removing the upper control arms but can't find any store that has the attachment to a slide hammer to remove the upper control arm bolts. Can the bolts be removed another way? Can you use a hammer or any other tool? Thanks.
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    Rebuild Suspension

    Hello All, I have a 1975 convertable and want to rebuild the front and rear suspension. I have never done any suspension work but want to try to rebuild id myself. Can anyone recommend good paper, books or video's on how to do it step by step? Thanks
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    Drivers side courtesy light location.

    Hello Everyone, I have a 1975 convertable. The drivers side courtesy light was missing from day one. I finally go a courtesy light frame support and wire bu have no clue where it mounts. The both service manuals do no show where it mounts. Does anyone know where i mounts on a 1975 C3 and have...
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    Help! Headlights always on.

    I just installed a new Dewitt’s radiator and had to remove the top two radiator support screws and loosen the lower screw (kept the stock clutch fan). After the install any time you put the key in the ignition the headlights are on. If you take the key out the lights go off. Just replaced the...
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    Problems with Dash Guages Not Working

    Hi, I'm having a strange problem. I have a 1975 convertible and removed my dash console gauges about 3 months ago to restore and replace some gauges. Replaced the Fuel gauge, clock and replaced all the light bulbs. When I put the dash in the car (not bolted down yet) plug all gauges and lights...
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    Windshield Trim Removal

    Can anyone help. Need to remove exterior windshield molding on 1975 convertable. I manage to get the side molding off but top and bottom need help. Does anyone have a video or pics on the steps to remove the top and bottom exterior molding? Anything whould help greatly. Thanks.
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    Fuel sending unit removal on a 1975 Corvette.

    Does anyone know if the fuel sending unit on a 1975 Corvette is located on the top or bottom of the fuel tank? Do you need to drop the fuel tank or can you remove without dropping the tank? Thanks.
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    Key warning buzzer how does it work?

    Hello All, I have a 1975 corvette and the key buzzer never worked. I tested the buzzer with a 12 volt source and it works. Can any one explain how the key warning works? I looked under the dash at the fuse box and the buzzer that is strapped to the wire harness and pugs into the fuse box is...
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