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  1. J

    Door switch and deciphering codes

    Greetings - haven't been here in a long time but that doesn't mean their ain't been trouble! Can any one tell me what problems codes 23 and 31 will reveal? Also ASR 72. I've had dash light warnings on forever but noone can seem to find any problems. Also - just how difficult is it to...
  2. J

    Opti Spark crisis

    Help! Need to make a quick decision on replacing the opti mess. Looking at Dynaspark - crimminies doesn't anyone discount this part? Any opinions before I take the plunge? Gotta give it up tomorrow.
  3. J

    1992 Battery Drain

    Seems like about this time every year I get the revolting breakdowns. Perhaps you can spare a little advice before my mechanic hits me up big time. This is a new one for me though - replaced a presumably dead battery. New battery has drained itself completely on two occasions. Charged...
  4. J

    The Bose Is Back

    I finally took your advice and yanked the system including the tuner and shipped it off to Doctor Don's in Texas. He did a complete restore on the stereo and threw in an updated tuner at no extra charge (usually runs $175). The restoration ran $250. Gave me a lifetime guarantee after I...
  5. J

    Minor oil leak for my '92 big $$$

    Here's a typical example of Florida ripoffs. Took the Vette in to the dealer for a scheduled oil change. Lifetime free and they hate it cause they didn't expect anyone to keep the car this long. So I asked them to check for the leak which I knew existed. Diagnosis - leak from the intake...
  6. J

    starting problem for my '92

    I am tired of being ripped off by poorly trained mechanics. Can YOU, yes you oh great Corvette enthusiasts and gear heads help? Replacing the starter for my 6-speed '92 coupe did not solve the starting problem. Battery is OK. Sometimes get a skip while accelerating. One hard start caused a...
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