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    Bad fuel tank reading

    1984 Ran out of gas with fuel gauge reading just below 1/4. Bought and installed new fuel gauge sender. Tested out of tank and reads full with arm up and empty when down. Reading between one bar and no bars and the reserve light on. Noticed you have to wait for gauge to get a proper reading...
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    Starter interrupt relay

    1984 Occasionally the starter will not work. I believe it is the starter interrupt relay as part of the security system. I want to just bypass this relay since there are many issues with the security system that I have no interest in repairing. I have the shop manuals but can not be sure where...
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    Problem with thief system

    1984, many of the sensors for the anti thief system are broken or missing. I have no intention to get it working. Up to now I have not had a problem, then today car wouldn't start. Nothing no click or any other sign of life, except the dash lit up. Fortunately I was in a position so I could roll...
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    A/C and cooling fan 1984

    So a little background. A/C was not working, the compressor clutch was not engaging. Using the Service Manual, including the addendum electrical one, concluded there was probable not enough Freon. Bought a kit to convert from R-12 to R134. In the process realized there was virtually no R-12...
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    How about anouther engine temperture thread?

    1984 I think the last owner put a 160 degree thermostat. Start engine and feel hose from the thermostat housing. Starts to warm as dash reading gets close to 160. At about that temperature (160) it gets quite hot indicating the thermostat opened. Watch gauge and note fan comes on at about 232...
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    Vacuum lines 1984

    Just got rebuilt 4-3 back in car. There is a line that connects to the rear top of the OD section. Down loaded the rather simple vacuum line diagram and it is not shown. There are a couple of vacuum lines going no where, but they do not seem to be the right size for the line from OD unit. The...
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    1984 DN 4-3 popping out of second

    Running close to red line then letting off throttle on a slight down hill. The rapid de acceleration causes the transmission to occasional pop out of 2nd. I have unit out of car because of trouble with the OD section. Will be replacing it with a rebuilt unit. Is my second gear problem a linkage...
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    C4 4-3 reverse problem

    Been repairing things as I discover them on project car. I have been riding with the OD off until I could check the levels of fluids. Yesterday went to get oil change and check and top all fluid levels. They claimed "transmission level fine". When I asked which "transmission manual or OD...
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    Idle issue warm engine

    1984 Start cold idles good but high 1400. Drive around town then try to start warm engine. SOMETIMES starts but will not idle. I give a little throttle for a few seconds then see if it will idle, usually after a few of these actions it idles fine until I shut down and restart. Again it does not...
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    Sill plate removal 1984

    I want to remove the sill plates so I can paint them, changing color scheme. There looks like there might have been 3 screws on the outside (door side) that are missing, then there are two more screws on the section that goes up the jam towads the roof. The top section seems free, however the...
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    84 power boost

    After reading many posts as to how to increase HP on the rather wimpy 84's I was thinking, does the later model engines which boosted the the HP fit? What are the issues? Thanks
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    Telescoping sterring wheel and the horn

    Had to replace the key cylinder so took things apart, I thought I paid attention to the order of things, but not convinced. Also not sure if previous owner took it apart and weather he put it back together right. A clue is the steering wheel was on upside down. I have the shop manual also. The...
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    Fast idle and hard starting cold 1984

    Hi all; 1984 Here is my next fault to fix. Actually this problem popped up after repairing broken wire going to temperature sensor (gauge was reading 299 F), so my first thought was maybe I knocked something loose, but haven't found it yet. Engine turning over but not starting when cold. Poured...
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    What Octane

    1984 crossfire fuel injection (sort of) I assume the proper gas for this year is 87 Octane. Don't have the owners manual and the service manual does not seem to address this issue. Comments please
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    Whatw is this wire hanging from under dash

    new to me project car. I have no know history. The wire/s is two conductors one green with wht stripe and other wire yellow. they are about 12 gauge. they terminate in a connector which someone put a jumper between the two pins. What is this and why has it been disconnected from somewhere and...
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    Electrical issues 1984

    Just got project car and have no history Motor starts and idles No dash board display. No lights except directional and emergency flashers. only light sw is a single toggle on left of dash board windows, seat, radio, mirrors all work (electrical) Have service manual on order, but could anyone...
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