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    Turn signal problems on my 01

    I have an 01 convertible. I’m having a problem with my turn signals and need to see if anyone has suggestions. My turn signals intermittently quit working, particularly in hot weather (90+). They always work when I first start the car and some days they continue working, others they will work...
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    C5 drivers window quit working

    Thanks much for the advice, I’ll see if I can narrow it down. Have to go get a multimeter. Really new at all of this but the only way to learn is to try.
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    C5 drivers window quit working

    I have a 2001 c5 convertible. Yesterday the drivers window stopped functioning. Right side window still works fine. Checked my fuses and there’s no problem there. Looking for ideas as to what might be the cause before I spend big bucks on a repair.
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