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    Performance Chips

    Performance chips what do you recomend for a 1990 l98 6 speed
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    SYS code after new radio

    OK I have a 1990 L98 with C68 climate ctrl. After installing a new radio and removing all of the Bose system I am getting 2 codes in the CCM 1 for LED lighting and 1 LCR lighting. I was given a fix in here but the wire codes are wrong. I have talked to several radio shops in the area and they...
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    Lost Communication

    My 1990 L98 is having a problem with the CCM not being able to communicate with the ECM. Both the ECM and CCM check out ok. It is only a intermitent problem the maual says to check the data wire specificaly. It sounds like it happened a few times to others. Anyone else have this problem. The...
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    SIR Light

    Has anyone figured out the problem with the 1990 C4 continually setting codes 16 and 26 sensor failures. The sensors check ok and are not corroded at all and have the grease under them. I have heard lots of people have this same problem but no cures. It also seems to be only the 1990 that has...
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