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    Best Paint Color

    Everyone knows and it has been acknowledged that there are paint issues on the new C7. It seems that the industry has now coined the phrase "Paint Texture" to cover that inability to properly paint a car using "Water Based Color Coat" So my question is this, is there a color or color that mask...
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    88 89 Stock Wheels

    Anyone in the Phoenix area need a set of stock wheels, they still have the gatorbacks on them with less than 10k miles. Of course the tire are no good. They have been sitting on my tire rack for a while. Damn near free to a good home. Wheels are in as new condition. If you are running stock...
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    Orange Peel

    Orange PeelI picked up my new car last night and have to say that I am very disappointed in the quality of the paint job. The whole car is "orange peel" and not minor, but heavy. :ugh There is also a blemish on the door that I will live with and just consider it a "birthmark" :eyerole There is...
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    Dymag Wheels

    Here is an extremely rare set of 16" Dymags for sale Dymag Wheels | eBay :beer
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    Hennessey C7

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    Lingenfelter C7 Dyno run

    Lingenfelter Performance Engineering 2014 C7 Corvette Baseline Dyno Testing - YouTube :happyanim:
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    Grand Sport best year to buy

    you could buy 3 or 4 C4's for the same $, seems they are almost free :L
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    What color is Kalahari?

    On GM's site and most everywhere else Kalahari looks like a Dark Brown. A few photos it looks Tan :ugh
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    1987 Callaway for sale

    87-070 is being put on the market, This car has just short of 14,xxx miles and the condition shows, currently the car has a very rare set of Challenge SCCA Dymags on it but I also have 3 other sets of Dymags and would consider a package deal. All reasonable offers considered. If interested...
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    Dymags on Ebay

    Check this out, A very rare set of early C4 vintage Dymag's 16 X 9.9 dymag | eBay :beer
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    Dymags for Sale

    A very rare set of 16" Dymags are currently listed on ebay at a very reasonable price. These are the correct wheel for 1987 Dymag Callaway Corvette Wheels | eBay :beer i10fwy
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    Tires for 87 - What would you recommend for 16"

    I am considering putting some vintage 16" Dymags on my 87 Gatorback are no longer being made (never a good tire anyway) what is the best choice for rubber? :beer i10fwy
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    Nope - Too Ferrari!

    The latest rendering, no way, cool though :) i10fwy Sorry, don't know how to make it bigger :ugh
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    Pikes Peak

    Ouch! :ugh Video captures race car's crash down Pikes Peak i10fwy
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    Looking for a Old School mechanic in Phoenix

    Need some help here, I'm looking for a Old School mechanic in Phoenix area that can get a 427/400 barking the way it should. The car was in storage for a long time and runs like crap. I passed on the first couple of guys I talked to when we discussed parts, they were both were thinking (NAPA...
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    2013 427 Convert

    This car has been launched, order guide available. But what is the price? There has been much discussion, but no pricing? I know we have several dealers that monitor CAC and sure they have ordered one. :upthumbs I don't think I'm in any danger of getting one, :ugh but would still like to know...
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    Grand Sport Where to get a good deal on a new 2012 Grand Sport coupe?

    Although I have no experience with Macmulkin they sure seem to want our business here at CAC. Their prices seem fantastic. Don't settle when spending that much, buy exactly what you want! :beer
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    Question: Whats it worth - Prototype Callaway Vette Ranger

    Got some answers, Yes, Two were built, one is a rusted out hulk. Seems you have the lone Ranger! What's it worth? Who knows. Not a whole lot is my guess, but some great Callaway history. I did start a thread on the COG site i10fwy
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