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  1. ChuckG

    1954 Corvette For Sale

    I'm selling my 54 Corvette. It's on EBAY now. Here's a link to the auction. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&ih=020&item=300013848160&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT&rd=1 Would like to sell this car within the next year. If it's not sold, I might take it to...
  2. ChuckG

    Great Day At Vintage Thunder XV Yesterday

    Mason Dixon Chapter's 15th. year of putting on the vintage Corvette drags at Cecil County Dragway in Rising Sun, MD. Had 102 Corvettes, 120 drivers. Beautiful day. Only one mishap, when a drag race prepared C3 broke a UJoint/Half Shaft AFTER going through the timing traps. Did a 360 spin...
  3. ChuckG

    NICE Day With BarryK And His Club Yesterday

    Had a real nice day yesterday with Barry and Linda K, and his fellow club members from the CC or Northern Delaware. We met up at the York County CC show in Emigsville, up near York, PA. After the show, Lance Miller (Chip's son) led a caravan of the CCND members up to Carlisle, PA for a...
  4. ChuckG

    2000 MY Corvette Convertible FS In Maryland

    Decided to sell one of my toys. :D 2000 Millenium Yellow Corvette Convertible. Black Top. Black Leather Interior. Options: Automatic Trans Adjustable Sports Bucket Seats Active Handling HUD Dual Zone AC Power T & T Steering Six Way Power Passenger Seat Memory Package Performance Axle...
  5. ChuckG

    Midyear Aftermarket Custom Body Panels

    Need some info. Went to a friends Corvette shop yesterday. He's building a 67 coupe "street machine" for a customer. Has a 572 BB and a 5 speed installed in the rolling frame. Body is off. The car is getting a frame off resto. Two questions: First, the original 67BB hood won't...
  6. ChuckG

    2000 Front Spring Failure?

    Bought a 2000 convertible with 36K miles from the original owner/dealer. Have pix of the car when I bought it in March, 2004. The car sat "even". I could put "four fingers", pinky, ring, middle, and index between the top of the tire and the bottom of the fender on the front and rear. After...
  7. ChuckG

    Dill "627" Valve Stem Caps

    Found this pic. Thought I'd post it. This is the factory correct Dill 627 valve stem cap used from the early 60's through the end of the C3 run, I believe. Comments? Chuck
  8. ChuckG

    Broken Generator Pulley On My 54

    Ah, the joy of incorrect repro parts. Bought a set of repro belts for my 54. Turns out that the fan/generator belt was too long. This allowed the generator to "swing" too far down. When I made a hard left turn, the steering "drag link" would come back and rub the pulley. This happened a...
  9. ChuckG

    Advance Curve Kit For Non-HEI Distributors

    Looking to buy an advance curve kit to fit the non-HEI distributor in my 69. Had a "snow day off" yesterday, and went to two local auto parts stores, PEP Boys and SALVO. Both had Mr. Gasket advance curve kits for 74 and up HEI distributors, but not for the "old" style. Anybody know where I...
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