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  1. killain

    Help! Looking to sell my old used Cat back exhaust !

    I still have my old stock cat-Back exhaust. They only have 7K miles on them and have been sitting up in the garage mezzanine for years, excellent condition. But I can't ship, gotta come get them. $150.00 Cheap and I live just south of Philadelphia Airport. :w
  2. killain

    Question: What's the best break-in period on a fresh remanfactured longblock ?

    Title says it all. It's a stock L33 long block. Planned on using Mobil 5W/30 motor oil and a AC Delco filter ?I haven' t done thing in a long time so I'm walking blindfolded. Thank you !
  3. killain

    Question: Engine designation in the C7 ?

    This is just a question I've been looking for awhile. All Of the C5 like mine had had LS whatever, but the C7 has a 'LTX' An d good luck all of you C7 owners. :w
  4. killain

    Question: Need some light bulb advice.

    I've got a burnt out bulb in the rear 3157 and after looking at them, is there a right way and a wrong way to install them ? there's just four wires & tow filaments how do I know I have the in the right way ? There's 2 filament's a larger and a smaller one, who do I know which one is lighting up...
  5. killain

    News: Kinda shocked at C5 prices !

    I had my 2003 C5 50th. In to the Chevy dealership for it's annul oil & filter change and since it's been 5 years, I had the old DexCool flushed, drained and refilled. I had saw on Yahoo home page that Chevy was having trouble selling their Silverado's so I talked to the salesmen for an appraisal...
  6. killain

    Question: Oil pressure in an old 1988 Motor?

    I'm having some work done on my old Vette, and I always wondered about the reading, so we hooked up and manual gauge and the temps were: Cold start on 10W/30 is 39 PSI in gear : 37 and with the A/C on it's @ 35psi Warmed up it is at idle 24 in gear 23 and with A/C running in gear it's @ 23...
  7. killain

    Question: How do i figure out what a 2003 shale console is worth ?

    Title says it all. I replaced all of my old console and replaced it with a new custom fabricated and finished one. But I was determined to keep all of the old shale console in excellent shape, no nick or any damage or wear on it. But I see different pieces here and there But I am having a...
  8. killain

    All things considered, Has gasoline gotten better or worse ?

    I was wondering since the one thing we have NO control over, has gasoline gotten better or worse since the FY 1997 ? I know that in many places E-85 is popping like dandelions, and 93 octane is fading away when up high above seas levels places like in Colorado , But since 93 octane cost' $.409...
  9. killain

    News: The disaster and the corvette museum !

    It's kind of odd, in a personal nature that is, right after the news of the disaster, My sister who lives in Texas and my ex who lives in the Poconos, she even called me to ask what I knew or felt. I guess after owning 5 Corvettes they must now have the addiction I have. but I am so glad GM is...
  10. killain

    Review: Sometimes I have to wonder these things . . .

    So I'm watch "All Girls Garage", Yeah I know, But I like to see young fresh pretty faces, but whenever I see them do this wacky commercial about the must have/end all "Zmax Protection" These women have skill and no matter how heavy something is, they get it in and done. And I read that the one...
  11. killain

    News: Something special. . .

    I don't own a C7, but I wish you who o, all smooth and exciting performance. But I just wanted to give some of you younger guys a little insight to this creation of General Motors. I have a 1SC 2003 Corvette, and I get "Car & Driver" and "Motor Trend" and I hope all of you have been able to...
  12. killain

    Question: Spanning the globe, What are a 1990 small block ?

    I've looked but I can't find the years where the original 265 V8 stepping into the spotlight in 1955, where are the mile marker on the ladder of General Motors escalade of V8 infusion. IE: where does the 2003 LS1 and the 1990 small block find the family tree ? :w
  13. killain

    Question: One last question on Oil !

    I live in the far Southeast corner of Pennsylvania, New Jersey is within eyesight and Delaware border is 4 miles south on rt.95. Is there any difference between 5W/30 and or 10W/30 ? . . I'm not concerned about type or brand name manufacture, Just the oil and the temperature that around here...
  14. killain

    Question: I have an old question I have never found an answer for ?

    Why do front shock absorbers have like 1.5 or more inches of thread ? Even if you put the bottom washer on and a bushing and push it up through the frame mount, and put the top bushing and washer on and then tighten it down to where the bushing is about as round as the washer, you still have a...
  15. killain

    News: Ethanol or E-85 fuels in our gasolines ?

    Not sure you have seen this or not, But . . . Analysis: High-ethanol gas - Not coming to a pump near you By Michael Hirtzer 22 hours ago 0 shares Content preferences...
  16. killain

    Question: Squeaky sepentine belt

    I have a squeaky serpentine belt. Anyone know how to quiet it down ? It's only squeaky while it's cold, once the engine heats up it's gone. I'm looking for the easiest method to quiet this down, Belt dressing ????? :ugh
  17. killain

    Review: Finally finished my console !

    With great thanks to Foggy47, I got the last part of my console refinished, I shouldn't of waited for that past year the finish is hard to matched. Just like trying to mix new paint to match old paint as it's a tad darker, but I think it looks great, which is the most important thing. PS: if...
  18. killain

    Question: Excessive carbon build-up removal ?

    I have huge carbon build-up in the heads from the previous owner of my l-98 using nothing but cheap regular 87 and now I have an engine that won't start if the outside temps are below 50 degrees. The problem is the desist of the air/fuel mixture and it can't get around the carbon buildup and...
  19. killain

    Help! WTB: automatic shift boot ring and collar

    Boy these puppies are hard to find. I need a shift boot out of anything so long as it's an automatic and has the collar and shift indicator. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you ! :hb
  20. killain

    Question: How difficult is removing & reinstalling the front console& radio bezel ?

    Title says it all, I want to replace my center front console and radio Bezel on a scale of 1 to 5 how difficult is the swap out ? Thank you ! :w
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