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  1. Greg C


    Selling ou r2000 CHEVROLET C5 CORVETTE CONVERTIBLE; 24,769 miles; $27,500.00 OBRO (or best reasonable offer); Bowling Green Metallic (only 777 made) ; Light Oak Top & Interior. Ad on Ann Arbor Craig's List with 20 photos. STANDARD EQUIPMENT: 5.7 Liter (LS1) 345 hp; 4 speed automatic...
  2. Greg C

    Wanted 2014 convertible - Lime Rock Green Or Black

    We are in the market for a 2014 Convertible, Lime Rock Green (1st Choice) or Black with a LT3 interior in Kalahari (1st choice) or Brownstone; Automatic. Low miles for under $50,000
  3. Greg C

    Low voltage message on the dic for the first time on a 2000 c5

    Took the corvette (2000 C5 with around 23,000 miles- no modifications have been done to the car) out this past Sunday for a meet with other Corvettes for a thank you parade for a local hospital. Met up at a parking lot across the street from the hospital (35 Corvettes) when the time came lined...
  4. Greg C

    C7 Boby Panel Fit Issues and the Rear Black facia

    C7 Body Panel Fit Issues and the Rear Black facia First I want to say that I am a C5 owner and that GM has hit a Grand Slam Home Run with the C7. I just love the car. Body Panel fit issues: The C7's are starting to show up at the local cruise nights and shows now that more of them are...
  5. Greg C

    How Many Mils Of Clear Coat On A 2000 C5?

    Have a 2000 C5 Roadster in Bowling Green Metallic. Would like to knock down the "orange Peal" on the factory Clear Coat so I can get it to "shine" better. Usually when you do that you wind up removing about 1/2 mil of clear...on the C5 maybe a little bit less....the "orange peal" is not as...
  6. Greg C

    C5 Convt power antenna shut-off accessory

    I have heard of a Power Antenna shut off accessory that you can buy (keeps the antenna from going up when you just use the CD player (not the radio...only for the Roadsters/Convertibles). Just wondering how hard it is to install and where I can order one from, who makes it, etc..........been...
  7. Greg C

    1999 Roadster For Sale

    Selling my brother's 1999 Roadster. Loaded. Triple Black. New custom paint. Aftermarket cat-back exhaust and wheels. 91,000 miles. $19,995.00 or best offer. E-mail soundhd@comcast.net for photo and option code list. 734-747-8441. Pinckney, Michigan
  8. Greg C

    Rattle in doors when stereo turned up high..

    I have a 2000 C5 roadster. Purchased in July 2003 with only 1200 miles on it (has 8100 now). Right from the first week we (wife & I) noticed a rattle/buzzing in the doors when the Bose system is turned up pretty loud. I did find a service Bullletin (# 01-08 64-009A) about how the service...
  9. Greg C

    Left side rear axle seal leaking?

    I have a 2000 C5 Roadster with about 9000 miles on it (bought it 2 1/2 years ago with only 1234 miles on it).......anyway, took the car up to Mackinaw City, MI. for the annual Corvette Crossroads (I live in Ann Arbor, MI.), came home, parked it in the garage 4 days later pull;ed the car out to...
  10. Greg C

    Magnesium Wheel paint code.....?

    Does anyone know the paint code for the 2000 Magnesium Wheels (kind of a tanish metallic).....going to have some chips fixed on the body of my 2000 C5 and there are a couple chips on the wheels I want to get repaired also, and the paint chip repairman needs the paint code to match the...
  11. Greg C

    Grill screens: C5 aftermarket vs OEM Z06

    I have a 2000 C5 Roadster (Green). Want to add a "little" color to the exterior; Have a caliper painting kit (yellow) and have been looking at getting one of the after market grill screen kits that are out there (front brake duct, side cove, rear bumper and front grill kits with the engine air...
  12. Greg C

    Trouble replacing air filter in C5-help!

    Getting my 2000 C5 (Roadster/auto) ready for the summer (I'm in Michigan). Changed my oil, checked fluids, tire pressures, ect......picked up a K/N air filter to replace my stock one and for 2 hours i have been trying to get that air box to seal, the clamps will not clamp down (to loose). Tried...
  13. Greg C

    Painting Calipers & Lettering on a 2000

    I want to paint my calipers a different color (yellow) and also paint the "Corvette" lettering black. Have seen the caliper painting kits for $40.00. Has anyone had good (or Bad) success with these. Also need advice on what to use to paint the lettering with. Thanks.
  14. Greg C

    Accu-Bra for C5 installation question

    Have purchased a Accu-Bra from Ecklers. Installion guide says it is manufactured for GM. Two questions; 1; the top "fold tab" that fits behind the front edge of the wheel well. This tab is supposed to hook around soemthing and there is no "open" space for it to fit into. What do you do here...
  15. Greg C

    Column Lock Recall - Column Lock Removal?

    Just recieved my Column Lock Recall notice for my 2000 C5 (automatic). Letter says they (the dealership) will be "removing" the column lock......Whats the deal here? Won't this make it easier to steal my C5? Why can't they "replace" the lock or is this just another way for GM to "take a...
  16. Greg C

    Pulling C5 Out Of Winter Storage

    Going to be taking my C5 out of winter storage soon (Michigan). It's been covered and a Battery Tender has been on the battery. Anything I need to do before starting it up for the first time? First time I have stored it for the winter since I purchased the car last summer.....I supposed I should...
  17. Greg C

    Film around inside of 00 Convrt Rear Window

    i have noticed that there is some sort of film or resdue around the outside edge of the rear window on the inside of my 2000 Convertible. (Just purchased the car about 3 months ago or so. Only had 1234 miles on it when purchased.......film was there when we picked the car up........thought it...
  18. Greg C

    Update on a lift that fits under a C5

    Been shopping around for a lift to intstall in my pole barn. Hoped to find one (2 post lift) that the lifting arms would fit under my C5 with lifting pads in place (4 3/4 inches) without having to drive the C5 up on 2x12's to get it high enough. Looks like Bend Pak is the way to go. 2 post...
  19. Greg C

    Did the Convertible top adjustments but.....

    Did the convertible top adjustments as to try and keep the top from rubbing anymore as I saw in the postings here. Have only had the car for a month or so (had 1234 miles on it when we bought it....it's a 2000). Anyway when I saw the postings about the convertible top problem I went out and...
  20. Greg C

    Center Console lid problem (2000)

    Picked up our 2000 C5 Convrt. about a month ago (only had 1234 miles on it).........The center Console lid only seems to open about half way.....thought maybe it was because the car had been hardly driven by the orginal owner but it is still doing the same thing.........opens about half way then...
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