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  1. grumpyvette

    does anyone have a few pictures of the spare tire and the spare tire cover

    does anyone have a few pictures of the spare tire and the spare tire cover mounted on the rear underside of a c4 corvette, maybe while the cars been up on a lift for example? I need a couple clear pictures of spare tire carrier open and closed on c4 corvette, showing the spare location and cover
  2. grumpyvette

    what aftermarket disc brakes (calipers, discs, pads, etc.) do you gentlemen...

    what aftermarket disc brakes (calipers, discs, pads, etc.) do you gentlemen feel is the best VALUE in an upgrade suitable for upgrading a 1974 corvettes front and rear brakes, my brother-in-laws looking to significantly upgrade the brakes on his corvette with better quality brakes and...
  3. grumpyvette

    is this total b.s. OR NOT?

    is this total b.s. OR NOT? my brother-in-laws got a 1974 vette hes building with a 454 big block, he wants the chrome side exhaust so he ordered hookers version, it arrived with one of the header tubes on the drivers side noticeably DENTED, he sent it back, the dealer he bought it from...
  4. grumpyvette

    those electric turbo scams

    Browser Warning (THIS IS A LINK CLICK ON IT) anyone that would fall for these gizmos has no concept of mechanics or physics, but read thru the link for some giggles at the expence of anyone thats so totally clueless, as to buy one! but want to try one anyway save 90% youll still be throwing your...
  5. grumpyvette

    will this work?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&viewitem=&item=200259978556 Id like too swap too a 200 amp Alternator on a corvette and this APPEARS to be an option at a good price, BUT on close examination the stock Alternator has one main red wire...
  6. grumpyvette

    need an emergency hurricane power generator?

    if your in one of the areas where hurricanes are a problem, and need a generator its a great time to add to your shop tools, they build good welders that are also good emergency generators I went thru several hurricanes with a portable back-up generator/welder like this (notice the shop...
  7. grumpyvette

    cam break in

    Cam Break-in Procedure • Have a high quality service manual available, such as the factory service manual, or the vehicle specific manuals published by Chiltons, Motors, or Haynes. You will need these for the basic information regarding engine disassemble and reassemble along with the torque...
  8. grumpyvette

    I need computer savy guys help

    several guys have posted pictures of the DD-2000 results they get (LIKE ABOVE) and Im not all that computer savy, so I need DETAILED STEP BY STEP instruction on how to post a DD-2000 screen from my computer to post it so I can link/or display similar results from my DD-2000 and ENGINE ANALYZER...
  9. grumpyvette

    darts new shp block

    http://gallery.barrymorrison.com/albums/userpics/10001/SHP_Brochure-1v2a.pdf http://www.dartshp.com/shpassemblies.html http://www.jegs.com/p/Dart/1029740/10002/-1/10719 AT $1456 there not CHEAP but they a certainly a BARGIN compared to putting $1000 in machine work into a 35 plus year old...
  10. grumpyvette

    experiance helps

    have a buddy that stopped by to have me look at a problem with his honda, now I generally won,t poke a honda with a sharp stick, but hes a nice guy and needs help, we traced the problem to a partly clogged fuel filter,(orriginal and hes got 100K on the car) and I suppose some 120 pound double...
  11. grumpyvette

    repost on old thread I was asked about

    OLD POST COVERS THAT INFO I can,t believe the stuff I see at times..in the car mags that are SUPPOSED to be articles composed by guys who know what they are doing!!!!!!! I picked up a copy of one of the more comon, chevy based magazines and theres PICTURES of a guy dipping head bolts in yellow...
  12. grumpyvette

    swapping valve springs while the engines in the car

    BTW if you go to change the valve springs with the heads still on the engine, most guys use the hose they use to do a compression check and the spark plug adapter and pump the cylinder up with about 125 psi of air to hold the valves shut while they do it, yeah it usually works just fine. (yeah...
  13. grumpyvette

    this will be useful for some guys

    into diagnostic or EFI, trouble shooting http://mefiburn.com/ THANKS to these guys above Scanning Software - Free: Scanmaster ELM v. - http://www.wgsoft.de Digimoto Lite - http://www.digimoto.com/ wODB - http://www.werner-digital.com/obd/software.html ScanTool -...
  14. grumpyvette

    one cylinder running hot or colder

    I see this and its comon, durring tune ups, you notice one header getting hot or failing to get hot at the same rate as the others, naturally thats an indicator that the cylinders not fireing correctly if its not heating up, but if its getting hot faster youll need to locate the source of the...
  15. grumpyvette

    porting can help

    http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/engine/hrdp_0802_chevy_intake_manifold_porting/index.html http://www.gofastnews.com/board/technical-articles/1181-porting-school-6-secrets-reduce-valve-shrouding.html#post5343 http://www.sa-motorsports.com/diyport.aspx...
  16. grumpyvette

    free downloads

    some free engine related downloads http://www.powerperformancenews.com/forum/camquest-6-cam-selection-software-now-230.html http://www.virtualengine2000.com/ http://www.jason.fletcher.net/tech/downloads/downloads.htm http://racingdownloads.com/
  17. grumpyvette

    cam related info worth reading thru

    Understanding cam timing http://auto.howstuffworks.com/camshaft.htm http://www.howstuffworks.com/camshaft1.htm http://www.oregoncamshaft.com/cam-basics.html http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/113_9811_camshaft_tech_valve_timing_piston_movement/index.html...
  18. grumpyvette

    preventing cam and lifter failure

    preventing cam & lifter break-in failures OPTIONS it should be rather obvious that theres options, cam failures are usually the result of incorrect CLEARANCES or too much SPRING PRESSURE or LACK of ADEQUATE LUBRICATION,USE DECENT MOLY CAM LUBE, and decent quality oil, adding MAGNETS to trap...
  19. grumpyvette

    selecting a SHOP MIG

    I did a great deal of research and asked advice at half dozen welding shops before buying my CURRENT MIG WELDER,and yeah most guys don,t do the amount of fabrication or engine swaps I do, and after talking to and trying several migs and having owned a couple smaller MIG welders before ,I bought...
  20. grumpyvette


    I got asked if anodes are a good idea? IF you pull your intake and find its starting to corroad badly in the coolant ports, or your aluminum heads are ,well, thats far more comon on BOATS, especially those used in salt water or where the battery grounds attached to an intake bolt, but in cars...
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