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  1. ZumZum

    Help! Broadcast code help

    I'm ordering a tune from PCMforless and I need to find the broadcast code, Is this an easy thing to find? My car is in the parking lot here at work. Can I find easily enough while it's there or is some disassembly required?
  2. ZumZum

    Question: Fuel Injectors

    Hey all, I'm going to do an intake swap on my '88 L98. While I've got the intake off I figured I might as well change injectors too. I'm looking at the Ford 24# blue Top injectors like Southbay sells. SouthBay Fuel Injectors Will these be ok with my setup. Here's the lowdown on the motor top...
  3. ZumZum

    My intake

    I recently purchased an Accel lower and some SLP runners. I picked them up from the powder coaters yesterday. Now I need to pick out some valve covers.
  4. ZumZum

    Roller Rockers

    My motor: 1988 L98 A4 I have a chance to pick up some Crower 1.6:1 roller rockers at a pretty good price, but I'm not too sure what I actually am going to need for the upgrade. I know I'll have to upgrade the valve springs. Does anyone know what size the rocker studs are? Are the stock rocker...
  5. ZumZum

    My Paint Thread

    I didn't want to keep jamming up the C4 pictures thread. So.... Here's some "before" pictures
  6. ZumZum

    New Seat Covers

    I purchased and installed Iggee seat covers for my '88. I gotta tell ya, I couldn't be happier with them. The quality of construction and the fitment are first rate. Installation was easy and it feels like a new car having those ratty looking old seats covered over.
  7. ZumZum

    Changing rear brake pads

    I did a search first and it didn't help so........ Car: '88 L98 w/non-heavy duty brakes. I changed my front pads a couple weeks ago, no problems, quick and straight forward. I now want to change my rear pads. It looks like a bolt at the top of the rear caliper is what I loosen to flip the...
  8. ZumZum

    Stainless Brake Hoses

    I was replacing brake pads New Years weekend (do I know how to party or what?) and decided I should probably replace the original brake hoses. I'm planning on using the braided stainless type (as sold by mid-america and others, 'bout $100 set). Does anybody have experience with these? Are they a...
  9. ZumZum

    Are Tire Plugs Safe?

    I had a passenger side rear tire losing air at a pretty good rate. I could actually hear the air escaping after pumping some air in it. Took her to my local Amoco station and they pulled the end of a key out of the tire. Who knows where that came from? Anyhow, after removing the key they...
  10. ZumZum

    Analog Tachometer

    I'm not real pleased with the digital tachometer on my '88 coupe. Has anybody added an analog tach to their C4? If so, what kind did you use and where did you place it inside the car? Also how easy/hard is the installation? Can I still keep my digital tach in use?
  11. ZumZum

    Headlight Bushings

    I'm going to replace the bushings in my headlights this weekend. I've downloaded instructions from corvettemagizine.com. It looks prety straight forward. Anybody have any helpful hints or know of any surprises to look for as I'm doing this? Thanks for the help.
  12. ZumZum

    My first Corvette

    Hey guys and gals. I just purchased an '88 coupe (automatic) and I love it. It needs some work to get it up to where I want it, but it's mechanically sound and runs and drives great. I can't wait to get up in the morning and get behind the wheel. I been reading the posts here for a few weeks...
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