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  1. c5y2k

    Finally got some new lights

    Little sleepy eyed look. 55 watt 4300K HID lows, 35 watt 6k HID fogs. Who new night could be so bright! Still waiting on the shrouds to be completed in CF.
  2. c5y2k

    Instrument cluster issues

    Working on tracking this one down. So I had not drivin the vet in about 4-6 weeks and the battery was dead so I put the charger on it (lowest setting 2amp). About 2 weeks later I pulled the charger off and jumped in started it up and off I went. Well I noticed the instrument cluster lights...
  3. c5y2k

    C5/C6 bash? Anyone going?

    Anyone going to the C5/C6 bash this year?
  4. c5y2k

    C5/C6 bash? Anyone going?

    Anyone going to the C5/C6 bash this year?
  5. c5y2k

    Grand Sport Launch Control on the 2010 Corvette

    Shaweet!!! This gives a whole new meaning to "dumping the clutch". I hope this feature keeps more of these wonderful cars on the road and a way from telephone poles when those young wealthy kids find the keys to Dad's car when he is out of town.
  6. c5y2k

    ZR1 at C5C6 Bash

    I took a spin up to NCM on Saturday and took a few pictures. I got a little bonus too. :cool Front brakes Rear brakes Here is the bonus!! Scott and I with the big Corvette grin!! There are lots more pictures from the bash here including a blue ZR1.
  7. c5y2k

    New doors?

    Who needs vertical doors? Now these?
  8. c5y2k

    Transmission fluid temp?

    What is the regular operating temp of the tranny fluid on an A4? The reason I ask is mine normally runs around 200- 210 after my 28 mile interstate drive home from work w/air temps in the 80s. I just recently drove my dad's 03' with and A4 and the fluid temp on his ran around 180-190.
  9. c5y2k

    Part number

    Anyone have the part number for the right tank fuel sending card on a 2000? I have techroned it to death and its not getting any better. Drive it with a 1/2 tank one time and the next drive its got 3/4 tank, then back to 1/2 tank after 5 miles. Its gonna make the trip to CO very interesting.
  10. c5y2k

    Rattle!!! ARRGGG

    I need some help finding a rattle. The car has had this rattle since I got it and I have been putting up with it. NOT anymore I will find it. :bash So this is a rattle that seems to be coming from the left rear area. I can hear in inside the car with no problems. It is louder with the top...
  11. c5y2k

    So what car are you?

  12. c5y2k

    Convertible top adjustment

    c4c5specialist has come through again even though he doesn't know it. At cruise fest 06' I remember him helping someone adjust there rag top but I didn't pay much attention. Well mine starting rubbing the tonneau cover so I started searching the forums to see if someone and posted a how-to and I...
  13. c5y2k

    Some good info on head lights

  14. c5y2k

    Looking for an F45 shock

    Anyone have any f45 shocks around? I only need a R/R but if you have a pair or set I might be able to work it out.
  15. c5y2k

    Great afternoon!

    It was a great afternoon weather wise around Nashville. It’s been nothing but rain, shattered showers, thunder storms and just plain poopy weather for weeks. This morning still had some rainy clouds around but it cleared up by noon. I finally got to drop the top for the cruse home from work. I...
  16. c5y2k

    Anyone tried this stuff?

    On my quest to find a color match to Nassau Blue so I can do some detail work under the hood. (anyone know of one?) I ran into this stuff: http://www.duplicolor.com/products/shield.html Has anyone tried it? Does it work and how hard is it to get off? Not sure if I could bring myself to putting...
  17. c5y2k

    Rear Diff leak

    Well I finally developed an oil leak in the rear diff after 31k miles. I have searched the forums for all the info I can find about the issue. My question, does anyone know of a reputable shop or dealer in the Nashville area to fix this? Since I have moved to the area I have not needed any major...
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