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  1. HUMVET51

    F.S. Diablosport Programmer

    2001 ZO6 spec Diablosport Programmer unlocked. $150 free shipping. Pay Pal Only.
  2. HUMVET51

    C6 ZO6 Compartment Divider/ FOR SALE

    Excellent condition,never used,heavy duty, $125 + shipping
  3. HUMVET51

    Important! Bowling Green 2012?

    I just thought I would ask my fellow forum members if any of you are going to the C-5C-6 Bash this April? Would be a great first road trip of the year. If so, what hotel are you staying and why? What events have you signed up for? Whats youre favorite restaurant? What year/model Vette are you...
  4. HUMVET51

    performance/stock parts for sale

    Z06 fuel rail covers (needs paint),black C5 fuel rail covers,good condition, ZO6 405hp power duct,great condition, stock C5 accordian duct, good condition, K&N filter/with recharge kit 90%, NEED TO SELL. BEST OFFER PLUS SHIPPING .PAYPAL ONLY. WILL SELL TOGETHER OR PART OUT.
  5. HUMVET51

    wanted:C5 ZO6 fuel rail covers

    I'm looking for a like new set at a reasonable price. Thanks
  6. HUMVET51

    Help! Hypertech Thermo Info Needed!!

    ;help;help;helpHello there. I need the info on when I should set the fans. Its gonna be in the 80s today and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and have a great safe weekend.
  7. HUMVET51

    ZO6. Drag or Not?

    I had a conversation with a fellow C5 Z owner over the weekend and hes pretty adament about not racing his car. His reasons seem to be straightforward. 1. Tired of fixing things that break, 2. not wanting to have any accidents on the track, street, etc. 3. and feeling that he has nothing to...
  8. HUMVET51

    Important! A Good Deal?

    Im asking a two-fer question and Im very curious about the answer because Ive gotten different opinions for a while and frankly Im not sure what the right move is. A co-worker of mine couldnt stand it anymore looking on the outside in at this Corvette community were in so he just bought a 2001...
  9. HUMVET51

    Stayin Lean??

    I could stand a little advice right now because I dont know what to do next. I have a 2001 ZO6 with external mods (Blackwing, Vararam Pwr Dct, Modifed Radiator Shroud for Ram Air) and an uploaded performance program via Diablosport. The car runs like a scalded rat and its probably has at least...
  10. HUMVET51

    Help! Hypertech Thermo Question!!

    Hey fellow Vetters!! Im new to the site and right off the bat I need some wisdom from the powers that be. I just flushed my cooling system and installed new hoses, but i also replaced the stock stat (195) with a Hypertech unit (160) and I want to program the fans to come on sooner. When should...
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