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  1. vett boy

    Caution wide load

    My mentor lives in Old Fort
  2. vett boy

    Thinking about Leaving the Vette World

    I'm 74 and my plan is to go to the gym after Covid is pretty much done .I'll stick with Corvettes till they go Electric.
  3. vett boy

    Caution wide load

    Call me a redneck but I don't see the problem here
  4. vett boy

    C8 waiting lists for 2021 and 2022

    good question ,i'll be ready
  5. vett boy

    GMJunkie Birthday

    Only happens once every four years .I wish ya a special day .
  6. vett boy

    My first Corvette was stolen 1965

    Well sort of In 1965 I graduated from high school and needed a summer job before college .My uncle Burton ran a concrete flat work crew in Connecticut The only issue was that my parents we're reluctant because Uncle was like a bad Fonze .He traveled home to Northern Maine weekends .The work...
  7. vett boy


    My wife wants to spend a few days in Nashville on our way to Ft Myers in the fall .We we're there 40 years ago are saw the touristy things .What she wants to do is stay in an area where amateur musicians hang out .Can't find much on the internet .I have found on rare occasions to humor the wife...
  8. vett boy

    Black fabric top

    I want it black like it came from the factory ,Top is decent with no flaws .Every site referees to vinyl not fabric .I also would like to waterproof it after I get my color back .
  9. vett boy

    Texas floods

    Does my heart good to see neighbor helping neighbor .Makes me wonder if a person is drowning if the rescuer asks ,Democrat or Republican ,KKK member or do you support BLM ? I think not and that's good .I also wonder how many vintage cars are 6 feet under water .Just the thoughts of a feeble...
  10. vett boy

    Looking for a source (maybe)

    About to put a new set of tires on my 08 vert and I may replace the wheels .I'm looking possibly replacing the wheels with chrome .I've looked at a few sites but nothing trips my trigger .I've checked Ebay and Tire Rack .
  11. vett boy

    few issues after a long sleep

    08 vert ,manual trans :I've stored the car for over a year so I decided I'd get it out of hibernation .Hooked up the battery with full charge but I had issues .First I had to enter via the trunk (no biggie )Got in and no FOB detected so I stuck the key in the appropriate slot in the glove box...
  12. vett boy

    Junkie in the hospital

    He called me because he thought I was his priest . Junkie had a couple heart stints but is doing well .He had only been out of the operating room for a few minutes .Junkie recently gave up smoking (everything ) because he thought he had issues . My best wishes to one of the best guys I know
  13. vett boy

    That 's it for me

    We ranked second in the nation for snow fall .70 inches in 7 days is a lot considering we only got 30 inches all of last year .In addition to having a terminal case of Peyronies ,I've been diagnosed with snow poisoning :mad Good news is that I've sold my house and looking at a place in the...
  14. vett boy

    For Sale SOLD. 2003 50th Anniversary 48000 miles For Sale

    The 03 anniversary is a beautiful Corvette and you might get your asking price . But I've found that there are a lot of vetts for sale and decent cars going cheap . Best wishes :thumb
  15. vett boy

    Paint code

    2008 paint question : I have the base painted wheels and I'm looking for the gray paint code .There actually may be two codes because inside the rim looks a slightly different shade vs the outside .Maybe it's just my cataracts and bad vision .I don't think this is part of the trim code .
  16. vett boy

    Cracked rim

    Right rear tire kept loosing air so I felt it was time to remove the wheel and take it to the tire shop . I was cleaning the inside of the tire /wheel when i noticed soap bubbles near the bead and rim .Looking closer the rim was cracked .This has to be a factory defect as the car has never been...
  17. vett boy

    Locked in /locked out

    Drivers door on 08 won't open from the outside or inside .Passengers door works fine,trunk pull cord doesn't work ,pull handle by seat does work.
  18. vett boy

    Need advocate near Deland Florida

    I own a firm that employs all disabled and hard to place veterans .I need an advocate near Deland Florida (short term)
  19. vett boy

    Grand Sport Mice in the house

    This has been labeled as 'cruel" by my good friend GM Junkie but it works on everything ya want to kill .Old anti-freeze peanuts and/or peanut butter mixed .DANGER say you kill a squirrel and your pet dog eats the squirrel you'll kill the dog also . Now in my case It has taken care of mice and...
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