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  1. BigJimZ16

    Question: best cleaner to use on white convertible top (C4)?

    I use the C-Magic as well and am very satisfied with the results.
  2. BigJimZ16

    The corvette c6 and the c6 grand sport

    The Grand Sport has the Z06 widebody panels and different wheels and tires,
  3. BigJimZ16

    Saying goodbye

    It was a sad day yesterday as I drove my Z16/Z06 for the last time. Putting only 8000 miles on it since 2008, it was clear that our Grand Sport was to become our ONLY Corvette. I'll really miss my Z16, it is one HELL of an automobile. Congratulations to Jim L. who bought it from me, may your...
  4. BigJimZ16

    Grand Sport c-6 models

    There were no models of the C6 Grand Sport made as close as far as I know. Greenlight produced a die cast C6 Z06 that could be converted to a GS Coupe but that is about it.
  5. BigJimZ16

    Grand Sport New (to me) Grand Sport

    Congrats on the new Grand Sport!! We love ours!! Also a 2010, my first time out I ran a 12.4 119 mph! Pretty pleased I was !!
  6. BigJimZ16

    Z06/Z16 #1689 For Sale

    The wife and I have decided to either simplify and keep one Vette, or sell them both and order a new Z06 Vert! Either way the '04 Z06 must go. Simply put, #1689 is 100% stock and mint, the exceptions being Firestone Wide Oval tires, Hurst shifter, iPod adapter in the "cupholder", and some 3M...
  7. BigJimZ16

    Corvette Adventures Wisconsin Dells

    :w Anyone headed to Chula Vista this week for the Corvette Adventures Event? This will be our third year and have had a blast at the first two! We will be going up Wednesday morning with a group from our club, headed to Ho-Chunk Wednesday evening for the all-you-can-eat crab legs buffet! :happyanim:
  8. BigJimZ16

    2014 Birthday Bash

    :w:w:w So, who all is going to the Bash this weekend in Bowling Green. We should be in around noon on Thursday. Let's try to get together for some face time if possible, maybe break bread or tip a few!!! :beer PM me for a cell number.
  9. BigJimZ16

    Grand Sport Finally Got the Grand Sport out of hibernation

    Finally nice enough to get the Grand Sport out of hiding and get ready for spring! Looks like I picked up a nail in my brand new Pilot Super Sport on the right rear last fall, pressure down to 14psi :mad Need to get both cars emission tested before the 14th so I can re-new the plates. Think I'll...
  10. BigJimZ16

    An old theme but a new thread...

    I do believe that this is where we left off before Rob screwed things up...;) We had seen this: Then we saw this: Then I added this: Gregory and Mac have PM'ed me with the correct make, model, and year... Anyone want to be a hero??? This should put this thread back on track... :thumb...
  11. BigJimZ16

    Latest Museum 427 Raffle

    Congratulations to Glen MacDonald from the Crown Point Corvette Club for winning the 2013 60th Anniversary 427 last Thursday with ticket #175!! Can't wait to see it at a meeting!! Drive it like you stole it... 'cause for all intents and purposes, YOU DID!!! :lou
  12. BigJimZ16

    Grand Sport best year to buy

    I think it's quite a statement that that was the worst thing I could think of...:L
  13. BigJimZ16

    Grand Sport best year to buy

    I would avoid the 2005 because of the ugly trunk/roof antenna... :chuckle
  14. BigJimZ16

    Grand Sport Convertible top scarring

    Do you rotate and seat the latch handle before the top totally retracts? I've seated it everytime since new and I don't have any scars! Also, I treat my top with C-Magic Convertible Top Product.
  15. BigJimZ16

    Grand Sport Wheel Alignment - Camber

    Similar numbers to where mine was when I had it done two weeks ago. I'm at -.25 now with the new Michelin Pilot Super Sports, and I can tell you the the ride, quiet, and highway manners are FAR superior to what I had before!!
  16. BigJimZ16

    Grand Sport New skins

    Tire Update Ok, after the trip down to the museum on the new Michelin Pilot Super Sports, I can report the the tires are everything they're advertized to be... and MORE!!! Totally transformed the personality of our 2010 GS Vert!! Better ride, MUCH quieter, dead straight tracking, and...
  17. BigJimZ16

    Grand Sport New skins

    I'll have a first report at the Bash... 360 miles should be enough to know how the new highway manners are. As an added benefit, maybe I'll be able to hear the radio!! Those GYs are LOUD too!!
  18. BigJimZ16

    Grand Sport New skins

    Actually, I could have them installed in South Bend! They still do a fantastic job! I'm getting an alignment at the same time so I'm having the tires shipped to Mike Anderson Chevrolet in Merrillville, Indiana. The Corvette Technician there, Lee Stahr is a World Class Tech. No one other than him...
  19. BigJimZ16

    Grand Sport New skins

    Finally bit the bullet and ordered new tires for the GS today. Michelin Pilot Super Sports from the Tirerack for me!! Being delivered to my favorite installer on Monday, having it re-aligned to the Pfadt performance street specs for longer tread life. My trip to NJ last August on the PA Turnpike...
  20. BigJimZ16

    C5/C6 Birthday Bash 2013

    Well, the Birthday Bash is just a month away!!! Who all is going this year?? We need to get together so I can put some faces on some names!! And maybe put away a little Maker's Mark...:chuckle Wife and I will be there on Wednesday afternoon, we plan on doing our own MM cruise on Friday...
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