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  1. wrc3

    Free for local pick up only Northern Virginia pair of 76 seats

    I have a pair of 1976 seats in white. No seat rails but they are in decent shape. I won't ship them though. Only for local pickup. B
  2. wrc3

    FS: Pair of 1976 White Seats with Black Corvette Covers 100 Fairfax, VA $100.00

    FS: Pair of 1976 White Seats with Black Corvette Covers Fairfax, VA $100.00 I pulled my seats in favor of a pair my buddy had that were in good shape. These would be good to rebuild or refurbish. The hardware and structure seem solid. No seat rails included though. This is for local pickup...
  3. wrc3

    Corvette raffle for charity.

    Hey I am posting this for a friend of mine. You may know the name Carine McCandless from the movie and book "Into the Wild". Well she has started a charity called Promise Places and the guys from dream restorations were nice enough to donate a fully restorted 1975 for her to raffle. 100% of...
  4. wrc3

    manual antenna to retractable manual antenna

    Anybody know if there is an available replacement antenna that is retractable, but manual? I don't want to hassle with a power antenna, but I would like to be able to put my antenna down when I want to. Doesn't have to be OEM or anything. Just something that will work. Thanks, B
  5. wrc3

    "Best" Outdoor Car Cover for Mid Atlantic Region

    Didn't get any replies in the technical discussion. Hoping the general discussion will find someone with an answer. So I have to move my '76 out of the garage to make room for my next project. I was wondering if anybody has a recommendation for the best car cover to use for a car parked...
  6. wrc3

    "Best" Outdoor Car Cover for Mid Atlantic Region

    So I have to move my '76 out of the garage to make room for my next project. I was wondering if anybody has a recommendation for the best car cover to use for a car parked outside in the DC/Northern Virginia Area. We experience everything from snow, ice and thunderstorms to blistering heat...
  7. wrc3

    Can 78-82 T-Tops fit a 76?

    Searched all over for this, but couldn't find an answer. I just was given a brand new set of glass t-tops. Unfortunately they are for a 78-82 and mine is a 76. Any chance these can be made to fit or do I put them up on the selling block? B
  8. wrc3

    Warranties, Returns and Paperwork...

    Could someone please explain to me why I need to have an invoice when I return a purchase part for warranty service? Isn't all that information available from the store's database? Isn't this the 21st Century? B
  9. wrc3

    ahhh headlight fun

    So finally got the vacuum system working so the lights pop up nicely. Only problem is that when I turn them off the drivers side light goes down and then about about a 2 second pause the passenger side goes down. Any ideas? B
  10. wrc3

    Bolt Size needed

    Does anyone know the length, thread and width for the bolt that connects the Alternator adjustment bracket to the engine on a L-48 350 1976? Looked down today and discovered it was missing. It is one of the bolts that appears to connect through the water pump and into the block. B
  11. wrc3

    Leaky Control Valve

    Hey I just bought a rebuilt control valve from VBP and after bleeding the air and running it for a bit it is wet around the lower bolt that connects the two parts of the housings together. Anyone else had this issue? Can I give it a little time to go away or should I pull it and send it back...
  12. wrc3

    Side Vent Grills

    I was looking at http://www.corvetteforum.com/ and noticed on their picture montage for C3's that one of the C3s has a chrome grill over the side vent. Anyone know who makes this product? I have looked through several vendor catalogs and been unable to find it. Any help would be appreciated...
  13. wrc3

    Oil Pan Replacement

    I was looking for a pan to replace my old and busted one. Any suggestions? I have seen a few postings on the Mildons, but no part numbers are listed. What about the Aluminum ones from Summit? http://store.summitracing.com/default.asp?target=eadvsearch.asp&SearchType=Make Basically looking...
  14. wrc3

    To Rebuild or Buy Rebuilt?

    Steering Components: To Rebuild or Buy Rebuilt? I am leaking either from the master or slave steering cylinder and really it is time to replace all the hoses and master and slave anyways. So should I rebuild the cylinders or buy rebuilt ones? Any special tools needed for the rebuild? Any...
  15. wrc3

    1976 Steering Wheel

    I have a 1976 Firethorn colored steering wheel for sale. Here is my E-Bay listing. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4586350865
  16. wrc3

    Power Steering Fluid Type

    I was wondering what fluid folks are using for Power Steering. I have heard both ATF and PS. If one or the other could someone tell me what type (like ATF Dextron III) they are using? Also is it possible to ruin the pump or cylinder with the wrong type? thanks B
  17. wrc3

    Where to look to buy?

    My 76 is all but finished up and thus I am looking for another car to start working on. Specifically a 68-72 Convertible. Where have you all done your hunting? I bought my 76 locally, but have yet to find anything remotely reasonable when you get earlier than 1974. Any suggestions/web sites...
  18. wrc3

    Removable Rear Window Conversion Leak

    Anyone done this conversion and had leaking in the bottom corners? It all seams to fit well except that the corners don't seem to press tightly against the bottom corners and this allows water in. Any suggestions? B
  19. wrc3

    Nothern VA. Tool Rental

    Anyone know a place in Northern VA. where you can rent automotive tools? Specifically I am looking for an A/C Vacuum Pump. Time to convert over to R134a. B
  20. wrc3

    77 floor pans in a 76?

    Is it possible that a 76 had 77 floor pans? I have Corbeau Seats and the brackets that were supposed fit a 76 weren't even close. I sent in my measurements to Corbeau and evidently they match a 77 and not a 76. Anyone with a 76 feel like measuring the distance between the seat mount...
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