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  1. 92BlackVette

    1992 Black Coupe LT1 6 Speed FX3 Suspension

    Hello, I am selling my 1992. I am starting of my bidding on eBay at $2500 if you want it. It is in great shape--let me know. 200,500 miles. Michael
  2. 92BlackVette

    FX3 Bilstein Shocks Moraca Valved

    These 4 shocks are from a 1992 Corvette with FX3. All four were re-manufactured by Bilstein in California: 07/19/2012. The shocks took 5 months to rebuild due to a back order in FX3 parts from Germany. All four FX3 shocks have: New Rods, New End Caps, and Moraca Valving from Bilstein. The paint...
  3. 92BlackVette

    1992 - 1995 FX3 Shocks x 4 Moraca Valving

    1992 - 1995 FX3 Shocks x 4 Moraca Valving $750 For Sale are 4 Front and Back 1992-1995 Corvette FX3 Bilstein Shocks with Moraca Valving. These 4 shocks are from a 1992 Corvette with FX3. All four were re-manufactured by Bilstein in California: 07/19/2012. The shocks took 5 months to rebuild due...
  4. 92BlackVette

    92 Glove Box Stuck Shut (Not Locked)

    I think my glove box is stuck shut and it now wont open. One of the buttons seems to go in normally, the other doesn't appear to work. The button in question moves in a little but doesn't act the same as the button on the left. When I lock the glove box, both buttons actually move out and stay...
  5. 92BlackVette

    Inside Door Weather-Stripping?

    Any idea what that piece of rubber stripping is called? Right above where the, "picture of the hood up," is? One could probably see why I am asking...
  6. 92BlackVette

    `92 LT1 Idle Issues During Initial Starts

    I have been chasing this issue for a while. The problem use to be rare, however lately it has become very persistent. This issue occurs at the following temperature range (40F - 190F). What you can get out of that is this problem occurs when hot and cold. I see the issue 1 out of every 5...
  7. 92BlackVette

    The Custom Corvette Starts Off Bad

    So I am not sure if you C6 guys have seen this; I normally hang out on the C4/C3 side, so I figured I'd share. This is called the "Dragon" vette. Yes that is spray paint. Here is the source: The World's Worst Custom Corvette - Corvette - Jalopnik
  8. 92BlackVette

    Look at an Optispark w/ 160K miles on it!

    So the car wouldn't start, opened up the GM manual, and started the troubleshooting tree for cranks but won't start. An hour later after doing voltage testing, etc. I came to find this (its already been taken apart): If you look close enough on this first picture, you will see part of the...
  9. 92BlackVette

    92 LT1 Rough Idle (Consistent)

    152,000 Miles - No new changes - Almost all OEM Condition: Engine shakes, and feels rough, not noticeable when cold or <100 degrees F 1.) Checked Ohms on Fuel Injectors: 23,23,23,23,24,23,23,24 2.) Fuel pressure 40 lbs static, > 42 lbs dynamic (increases with throttle) 3.) No Codes /...
  10. 92BlackVette

    AC Lights Blink At Startup (No AC)

    My AC lights on the front control panel are blinking at startup and they go off after a couple of minutes. The AC no longer blows cold. The fans do turn and I feel air, warm air..... This happened over the weekend so I haven't had a chance to crack open my FSM or even the hood for that matter...
  11. 92BlackVette

    Sad Moment - Corvette Flooded

    This was taken shortly after Sep. 10, 2008 when Hurricane Ike went through Texas. This picture was found on yahoo and it was taken in Galveston (near the Gulf of Mexico), as it was still parked on the street. :ohnoes
  12. 92BlackVette

    Strange LEAK near A/C Condenser HP Lines

    Facts: My AC went out 2 weeks ago, checked for pressure on the lines and 0 LBs of pressure registered, so I was already under the impression a leak was present somewhere. I checked under the hood the day the AC went out and I saw no leaks anywhere, smelled NOTHING! Fast forward to the...
  13. 92BlackVette

    Question: 1992 Cigerette Lighter Fuse?

    I had a quarter fall down into the cigerette lighter hole and as I tried to get it out I saw a spark, and now the fuse appears blown. I tried searching for cigerette/fuse/and I couldn't find it relating to this year, and I haven't gotten a FSM yet. Any assistance would help..... P.S. I did try...
  14. 92BlackVette

    Tuned Port Fuel Injection LT1?

    Please explain to me why people buy Tuned Port Fuel Injection stickers for their LT1 (1992 and 1996) Corvettes? Maybe I am not understanding something?:bash
  15. 92BlackVette

    Windshield Wiper Motor - Unknown Connector (76)

    I have this unknown red connector coming out of my windshield wiper motor, of course it isn't plugged in and I was wondering what it is for so I can work on plugging it back in to something...... Thanks.....;help
  16. 92BlackVette

    Upper Door Panel Gap (92)

    If you look at this door panel, and its only a problem on the passenger side door, you will notice there is a gap. I tried taking it off and reseating it but the gap remains; all the connections are made, and there are no wires/connectors in the way. What do you think I should do?:confused
  17. 92BlackVette

    Turn Signal Lever Removal Question (92)

    How do I remove the following lever assembly from the windshield wiper control/headlight dimmer switch/signal arm pivot assembly switch. It attaches to this device: Corvette Windshield Wiper Control/Headlight Dimmer Switch, 1990-1993 I tried looking throught this guide on autozone...
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