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  1. JT ZR-Won

    Wiring a shift light

    I had a small auto meter shift light in my previous '90 ZR-1. When I sold it I removed it and it has been sitting in a box for years. I just came across it and would love to wire it my (new to me) '90 ZR-1. The problem is I absolutely cannot remember how I did it. I believe one of my friends...
  2. JT ZR-Won

    Some quick pics of my (new) '90 #3010

    Thanks for the kind words everybody!
  3. JT ZR-Won

    I'm not a new guy, but I feel like one :)

    Finally got a few pics together... posted them in the C4 ZR-1 section :thumb
  4. JT ZR-Won

    Some quick pics of my (new) '90 #3010

    I haven't had a chance to even clean it up yet as we're in the middle of wrapping up a home update, but here's some quick photos I snapped last evening before we took it out for a quick ride. Man, these cars are fun! :Steer
  5. JT ZR-Won

    I'm not a new guy, but I feel like one :)

    I'm still working on it. Once we finish our house update we have been working on (we are almost done), I'll get a few good pics :thumb
  6. JT ZR-Won

    New Member: Stan Shaw III

    Welcome aboard!
  7. JT ZR-Won

    New Member

    Welcome aboard! :beer
  8. JT ZR-Won

    Anyone have any experience with this product?

    I'm guessing it's not that popular of an item, lol ;shrug
  9. JT ZR-Won

    Hmm 🤔

    I think it depends on what its being compared to. It shouldn't be as sleek and streamlined as the newer Vettes, but it should be an improvement over past generations. I like the C5 interior... way easier to get in and out compared to a C4 :)
  10. JT ZR-Won

    Intermittent Fluctuating Idle

    Wow, great job in finding that. That sounded like a tricky one! - Jay
  11. JT ZR-Won

    Anyone have any experience with this product?

    I was wondering if anyone has ever had any experience with this product? They call it a Corvette Rain Coat Top. The reason I'm looking at this is because the Corvette I recently got has a roll bar installed. Because of this I cannot place the targa top in the back like normal. I was thinking of...
  12. JT ZR-Won

    Corvette C6ZR1 60 anniversary

    Wow, awesome ride! Congrats and enjoy! :beer
  13. JT ZR-Won

    1985 Window Problem

    I had the same exact problem on my '85 Corvette. It was even the same window, same issue.... the ribbon got stripped out with age. Not really a fun task to replace either. Glad it's working great now - Jay
  14. JT ZR-Won

    egr and ads superchip

    It would be great if you could put in the stock chip if you have it. I don't know much about the EGR systems but did find this interesting article.... not sure if it will help or not. 1984-1996 Corvette EGR Diagnosis | CC Tech - Jay
  15. JT ZR-Won

    I'm not a new guy, but I feel like one :)

    Great, thanks Rob I’ll check it out
  16. JT ZR-Won

    GM Will Take the Wraps off the 2023 Corvette Z06 on October 26!

    That Z06 is going to be completely insane :oops:
  17. JT ZR-Won

    I'm not a new guy, but I feel like one :)

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate it! A lot has changed for sure! In fact, I can't find where to edit my avatar and update my info in the profile section, lol.
  18. JT ZR-Won

    Question: improving the ride of a C4

    I heard an upgrade to a coil over suspension helps with the ride quality on the C4s.
  19. JT ZR-Won

    I'm not a new guy, but I feel like one :)

    It has been quite some time that I've been on here but looking forward to being on on here more often, now that I finally.... after 17+ yrs (it was supposed to be 2 or 3) got another Corvette! The quick story is this... I owned a '90 ZR-1, Red on Black #365 about 20yrs ago. My Dad ended up...
  20. JT ZR-Won

    New company and cool garage items!

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to take this time to introduce a company I recently started up. It's called Vette Gear Plus, Inc. and I sell various officially licensed gift and novelties exclusively for Corvettes including the specialy cars. These products are pretty cool & look great in any...
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