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  1. Dustoff529


    Replacing the radiator on my C4... Noted that one of the 10mm screws along the bottom of the radiator housing is missing.. Anyone gotta spare in a coffee can in the shop? PM if you do... Thanks Thanks Charlie
  2. Dustoff529

    HOT shot mechanic

    Anyone know of a CORVETTE mechanic in teh area of Loudonville, OH near Mansfield? A friend has a 69 with ground issues Charlie
  3. Dustoff529

    Multiple failures of BRAKE PRESURE SWITCH

    1990 coupe 6 spd... Is anyone else seeing multiple failures of the plastic brake pressure switch? I have replaced 3, (in 6 mos) there is a small hole between the electrodes and fluid squirts out of there like a squirt gun... of course Chevrolet says it is the MC and want several hundred $$ for a...
  4. Dustoff529


    What have those of you that have painted the interior plastic pieces doe to preserve or replace the lettering...OR have you opted to go with NO lettering? Charlie When I have your wounded
  5. Dustoff529

    Saga continues

    Continuing SAGA! So this new switch has a very smalll hole between the electrodes that sprays brake fluild like the aforementioned kid! The dealer says only 1 PN, used '84 thru '95.... THe one that WAS inplace didnt have the small hole but the core of one of the electrodes blew out. (the new...
  6. Dustoff529

    Auto XRAY 6000

    AutoXray EZ-Scan 6000 review I bought an AutoXray EZ-Scan 6000 last week and thought I'd write up a bit of a review on it for those interested. I had considered several options for a scan tool, the most versatile seem to be the kind that run on a laptop. However, for me to use software for...
  7. Dustoff529

    1990 Master cylinder replacement! ARGH

    My '90 C4 had a loss of break effectiveness that eventually (in 24 hours) was a failure of brakes. New MC in order. After I got the old fluid out with a syringe, I removed teh Warning switch, which created my first issue with twisting up the wiring ALOT!( it WAS directly wired into the switch) I...
  8. Dustoff529

    Question: Aluminum repairs

    Mornig All , THe alternator on my '90 C4 went Tango Uniform on SAT. Got it off and rebuilt ready to go back on. BUT, while I was taking it off I noted the front eye of the upper bracke from the air pump to the top ear of the alternator was cracked, now broken! This is a cast aluminum piece and...
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