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  1. Shawn's 78

    1978 Stereo upgrade - a must read.

    I recently finished up my stereo upgrade on my 78', and thought I'd share the final product. First, thanks to everyone before me that posted notes and photos of their stereo/speaker/amp install. They were very helpful and instrumental in designing what I consider a very well rounded audio system...
  2. Shawn's 78

    New Rear Differential; speedometer off

    I took the plunge and swapped out my 3.36 gears for a set of 3.70. Since most of my driving is cruising, the few hundred extra rpm's on the freeway don't' bother me much. Except that my speedometer is now off. Showing 70 it is actrually 60 (using GPS). I have a saginaw tranny, so which...
  3. Shawn's 78

    WTB 78 -79 Rear Differential 3.70 gears OJ code

    Howdy all! I'm looking for a good usable (bolt in) 78-79 rear differential with 3.70 gears; OJ code. Anyone have one for sale or a lead on where I can find one? Thanks Shawn
  4. Shawn's 78

    78 -79 Rear Differential 3.70 gears OJ code

    WTB 78 -79 Rear Differential 3.70 gears OJ code Howdy all! I'm looking for a good usable (bolt in) 78-79 rear differential with 3.70 gears; OJ code. Anyone have one for sale or a lead on where I can find one? Thanks Shawn
  5. Shawn's 78

    Help! C5 Seat parts needed for C3 conversion.

    I am in the process of converting my 78 seats with C5 seats. I recently purchased a pair of Tan (light Oak) 2002 seats off of ebay w/o seat tracks. Unfortunatley the seller did not disclose that the drivers side had the bezel/control/lever removed. I need those parts to cover up the gapping...
  6. Shawn's 78

    Vacuum/HP with Comp Cams xe/nx262 & xe268

    Here's a question(s) and suggested feedback for those that run either Comp Cam XE268, XE262 or NX262. First here is my set up: 78 L48 Cam (current stock) - well after this weekend, none. I collapsed a lifter and flattened a lobe on the #4 exhaust. Heads: Edelbrock RPM Intake: Edelbrock EPS...
  7. Shawn's 78

    Seats 78/79

    My 78 has leather/cloth seats that are in fair condition. The comfort level isn't the greatest :(, but I've heard that the seats that come in the Pace Car and stock in 79 are some of the best for that era. My question is, can you swamp the two without any coversion to the frames or body...
  8. Shawn's 78

    Belt's for lunch!

    Now twice in just as many months, I have thrown two brand new alternator belts. The first caused damage to the radiator house (cut it in half) and destroyed the clutch fan and the second (yesterday) I was much luckier. That one only split the belt. Though it wrapped itself around the...
  9. Shawn's 78

    Stock Aluminum intake or Aftermarket ??

    I want to know what you all think: :w I want to change out my stock iron intake with something better What do you like? A stock aluminum intake off another year vette or Aftermarket intake like the Performer? ;shrug What are the pros / cons of each. I still need to keep the EGR valve on...
  10. Shawn's 78

    GM part #'s

    Is there any publication that is available (for the average Joe) that contains GM part numbers for my 78? ;shrug Sometimes trying to explain what I need to a parts guy is a hassle.:crazy It would seem to be easier for me to identify the part, then call them with the number. Thanks! Shawn:L
  11. Shawn's 78

    Are roller rockers worth the extra $$

    Hey guys, I'm looking at upgrading my stock cam to a summit k1102 and was thinking of adding summit's steel roller rocker package on my stock heads. Is it worth the added expense? Would I receive any HP gain? Also, should I keep the stock manifold or switch it out with a performer? Shawn
  12. Shawn's 78

    M38 Tranny???

    So here's one for all you guru's out there... In referancing material regarding the factory trailer package I have on my '78, my tranny is a "M38". :eek When I had the car checked out by a Corvette shop in Denver (pre inspection before purchase), the mechanic mentioned he hadn't seen my type...
  13. Shawn's 78

    Which Cam are you using?

    Hey everyone - I'm assembling my winter wishlist and want to know what everyone is using for a cam? I have a stock L48 w/4spd that has a stong lower end (140-150 compression). I plan on dumping the 2-1-2 exhaust and going to true duals (chambered) and adding a performer maniforld with the stock...
  14. Shawn's 78

    Exhaust Harmonics?

    So in my quest to eliminate and determine my vibration around the 3000-3500 rpms, i've replaced all my belts, fan clutch and the harmonic balancer. The harmonic balancer was in the worst shape; I could just about push the two pieces apart with my hands. :eek So after that is all said and done...
  15. Shawn's 78

    Harmonic Balancer off 180?

    So i go to time the motor last night, found the timing mark, gave it some color and fire up the motor to check the timing. Well get this; my mark wasn't visible, but another mark set by someone else (?) :confused was showing up. Is it possible that the harmonic balancer is off 180 and this is...
  16. Shawn's 78

    Flowmaster or Dynomax mufflers?

    Does anyone have any thoughts or other on either Flowmasters or Dynomax mufflers for a 78? I'm looking converting my exhaust to a true dual with headers (no cats). Also, anyone know of a good exhaust shop in the Seattle area? Thanks ! (newbee) Shawn
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