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  1. John Ulrich

    Question for Two-Tone Paint Owners

    Swing your door open. Is the front door sill by the door pin (light/alarm switch) painted black on yours?? http://forums.corvetteforum.com/showthread.php?t=1872085 Thanks, JU
  2. John Ulrich

    Trim tag mistake!

    I was just reregistering at the L81 registry and when filling in the color info I see a mistake. My trim tag is stamped 672 (cinnibar interior). My build sheet says 742 (dk red) which it is. Anyone else find an error on their tag? Later, JU
  3. John Ulrich

    '81 cuts out intermitently???

    My '81 cuts out when driving. It happens for a microsecond and sometimes lights the check engine light for a second. The car jolts when it happens (4spd). Today it stopped running. after waiting a few minutes it restarted. Thinking it maybe was a fuel pump I figured I'd start by looking for...
  4. John Ulrich

    Brake Rebuild Started

    After waiting 13 years for the calipers to spring a leak, one finally did. When I took it out of storage the brake pedal was soft and I added fluid and waited for motivation and some free time. I was starting to feel guilty driving it anyway. Today, I put it on jack stands....a story on it's...
  5. John Ulrich

    Any Chicago area shows June 15th???

    I'll be in Chicagoland Sunday looking for a vette show to visit any thing happening on Fathers day. Thanks, JU
  6. John Ulrich

    Edelbrock IAS shocks: Anyone using them yet?

    Any feed back on the ride quality of this shock. I see '63-'82 are listed in the application guide. Thanks, JU
  7. John Ulrich

    A/C conversion to R134A info request

    Needing to repair the A/C in an '81. I've read the article on "Retrofitting to R134A in the forum. Any feedback from readers on successes or Boo-Boos incountered. The guys in the local shops make it seem like a "piece of cake" ...........That's when I get worried!!!! Thanks for the input! JU
  8. John Ulrich

    FYI Power Steering Rebuild Completed

    Got home to find the balance of parts needed for last nights activity. The idler arm was childs play, a good warm up for the main course. The power steering cylinder and control valve popped off with little resistance after 20 yrs of service on my '81. When I went for the hoses hanging...
  9. John Ulrich

    FYI - Worn Throttle shafts on Quadrajets

    My '81 with a Rochester Quadrajet has had a bit of looseness in the primary throttle shaft for a few years now. While fixing a choke problem, I noticed a lot of gas seeping down the shafts on both sides as I rotated the throttle (engine off). I decided now is the time to fix it before I...
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