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  1. Barry08

    Rachet shifter

    Has anyone installed a rachet shifter in a C3 ?
  2. Barry08

    Original GM 80-82 Ring and Pinion

    For sale original ring and pinion Dana 44 2.87 ratio from an 81 with 55,000 kms Matched set in mint condition. $200 US obo plus shipping b.bugera@shaw.ca Barry
  3. Barry08

    Original 81 Parts for sale

    I have a few good parts off my 81 with only 57000 kms. on them. Complete air cleaner assembly excellent condition $125.00 plus shipping. Complete distributor excellent condition $50.00 plus shipping. Distributor ignition shield good condition$45.00 plus shipping. Brand new ring and pinion 3.70...
  4. Barry08

    1981 Original Parts

    Upgraded to a better engine on my 81. Have a lot of original stuff for sale. Carb,distributer,air cleaner assembly,smog pump,magnesium valve covers shields etc. all from a low mile 57,000 kms.If you are restoring your 81 I may have stuff you need!!!! Barry
  5. Barry08

    Question for GTR1999

    Gary I am getting my diff overhauled and new gear set on my 81 in a while. Wondering if a drain plug would be a good idea on a dana 44 ? Will be behind a mild 406 say 425 hp and 460 tq ,3.70 gears ,2004r,street tires no strip action just the occasional tire frying and street driving...
  6. Barry08

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Enjoy the holidays with your families and remember the loved ones that are no longer with us. Barry
  7. Barry08

    Race Ramps

    Anyone have any feedback on the 67" 2 Piece Race Ramps ? Do they work well on a stock 81? Thanks.... Barry
  8. Barry08

    Torque Convertor

    Anyone install a 2200-2500 stall converter on a th350 transmission in a stock 1981?Comments? Thanks... Barry
  9. Barry08

    Pics of 81 carb

    Can someone post pics of original e4me carb and all vacuum hoses and where they go in their stock and correct locations? Thank you... Barry
  10. Barry08

    Gear Shift Lock

    Took my console and guages out.After reassembly I noticed I can take car out of park without key in ignition is this normal or did I screw something up? Also no heater or ac fan on anything but the low position.... fuse is ok Help!! Barry
  11. Barry08

    Ac Question

    Got my ac re-charged today.It is not blowing cold enough.Vent temps around 60 degrees at idle.Tech thinks the electric cooling fan should kick in when ac is on max and hi blower.Can someone confirm that?Is the auxiliary fan controlled by temperature, ac or both? Thanks.... Barry
  12. Barry08

    1981 Air Conditioning

    Should the electric radiator fans kick in when ac is on max and blower on high? Barry
  13. Barry08

    Power Door Locks

    Power door locks not working.Fuse is good.Both drivers and passenger not working.Car is an 81.Where do I look next? Thanks.... Barry
  14. Barry08

    Differential drain plug

    Has anyone installed a differential drain plug on an 81... or is it a no no because of the aluminum housing? Barry
  15. Barry08

    T-tops for Sale

    Fiberglass t-tops Silver in color with blue liners,complete latches work well. Slight scratches on one top otherwise very nice shape. Fits 78-82. b.bugera@shaw.ca
  16. Barry08

    Steering Wheel

    Steering wheel for sale.Silver in color original wheel off 81.In good condition ,no rips in leather,leather is a little loose on the 12 o'clock position pics available. $50.00 plus shipping. b.bugera@shaw.ca Barry
  17. Barry08

    Hood Alignment Blocks

    Can anyone tell me the exact dimensions of hood alignment blocks for an 81? Thanks.... Barry
  18. Barry08

    T-top Holders

    Has anyone ever found replacement tips that screw in at the back for the t-top carriers?They are similar to luggage racks from earlier years. Barry
  19. Barry08

    Color Opinion

    I have an 81 maroon in color with a silver interior.Am thinking of painting it bright red or bright blue.Anyone have pics of these color combinations?Opinions? Thanks.... Barry
  20. Barry08

    Emissions sticker

    Can anyone tell me where the emissions sticker goes under the hood?A pic would be sweet! I notice there are 2 different stickers for the auto trans auh or aud anyone know what the difference is? Thanks... Barry
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