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  1. Otter

    Radio has low volume but CD works fine…

    I would check to make sure the antenna is seated properly in the back of the radio, other than that, I don't know.
  2. Otter

    Buzzing when I open the door

    Have a buzzing sound in the speedo display when I open the the door of my 2001 Z06. When I insert the key and turn on(not to start), the buzzing stops. After starting and driving, the buzzing is intermittent. While looking under the dash panel, I found the below loose and laying in some wires...
  3. Otter

    what happened to everyone

    I joined a C5 group on Facebook about a month ago and found very few knowledgeable members there and a ton of bad info. Posted a few responses on things I do know but was quickly shot down by a few know-it-alls, so now I am only there now for entertainment purposes.. :LOL: One thing that is...
  4. Otter

    C5 drivers window quit working

    You should be able to pull off the door panel and check for continuity to the switch, regulator motor, etc using a multimeter to isolate the problem area. I had to do that 2 years ago on my 2001 z06 and ended up replacing the regulator and motor. not a fun job but I fumbled my way through it. :)...
  5. Otter

    Both headlights wont pop up on my C5

    Yeah, I looked around for the switch also, a bit more expensive that I expected. Let's hope its that footwell fuse that is causing your issue and it's not a recurring problem. Good luck!!
  6. Otter

    Both headlights wont pop up on my C5

    Sounds like the switch to me, not sure what fuse is for the headlights but just pulled fuse 2 over the weekend to keep the DRLs off unless I am using the turn signals or headlights on (tired of replacing the bulbs that don't last cuz of the heat built up in the lenses). Since the cruise control...
  7. Otter

    Both headlights wont pop up on my C5

    Definitely not the nylon gears, you would hear the motors running. I would concentrate on the switch but I am not sure how to test it. If it was me, I would check the fuse(s) and if they were okay, I would just replace the headlight stalk/switch. I had to replace the wiper/washer switch on my C5...
  8. Otter

    Wipers came on by themself and wont turn off

    Had that issue 3 years ago on my 2001, turned out to be the switch on the column. The spring internal to the switch stem had broken. I pulled the fuse until I was able to replace it.
  9. Otter

    A/C light flashes when I turn it on then goes off.

    FWIW, my 2001 Z06 does the same in cold weather. Have had it 4 years and never had any issues with the AC not working in the summer. Also, my digital readout on the HVAC fades in and out, when not working, I tap on it and occasionally it comes back on. Figured I would pull it out this summer and...
  10. Otter

    Help! Service vehicle soon

  11. Otter


    Saw this this morning..no idea if true or not https://carbuzz.com/news/chevrolet-pulls-the-plug-on-corvette-z06
  12. Otter

    Husband's Manhood Comes into Question Over Corvette Purchase

    I've heard the big truck and vette 'lack of manhood' stuff for years, think its pretty silly. I'm lucky, my wife would not be happy if I sold my vette. She's only driven my current C5 once in the 3 years I've had it, so I am doubly blessed..lol
  13. Otter

    delco radio amp cap values

    ;shrugYou might have better luck looking at vintage car radio sites or search on youtube(I saw a few about restoring car radios).
  14. Otter

    Help! turn blinkers

    Old thread but having an issue with my DRLs and front turn signals. (C5 2001 Z06, no LEDs) 1) DRLs not coming on 2) Front turn signals don't work but rear signals do. 3) Emergency flasher just flashes rear lights Had a front right bulb out last fall, replaced it and all was well for a week...
  15. Otter

    repairing the targa top

    I dealt with them in the past, swapped a targa at Carlisle for a C4 10 or so years ago. It partially separated from the frame on the drive home, called them and they overnighted a new targa to me and shipping label to send the faulty one back. Never had a issue with the top after that. I had...
  16. Otter

    Holiday Ride 2021 Chevy Commercial

  17. Otter

    Newbie Here

    Beautiful car, welcome!
  18. Otter

    Corvette weather stripping

    I would search here, I know I looked around for weather stripping for the C4 I had and I think there was alot of good advice in the threads I dug up. I remember a friend that re-did his C3 told me the softer the better.
  19. Otter


    Had an MG Midget for 25 years, always fun to work on them(constantly..lol). The mechanic (scottish) that helped me out occasionally told me when I bought it that 'you bought a rrrrrrrolling hunkajunk' He had a 76 MGB that he dropped a 283 into, pretty peppy car when he finished. Lost contact...
  20. Otter

    1998 Ford Ranger Check Engine Light

    I know this is a long shot but I have a 98 Ranger (v6 3.0) that was my father in laws(RIP). Being that he was in his 80s, the yearly emissions test was waived. For the longest time, his check engine light was on but when codes were scanned, it indicated no problems. His mechanic tried everything...
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