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  1. TheSearcher

    CE Stripes gone SE Stripes going on

    I put white CE stripes on my new torch red 2004 after I had the car about 90 days; they got lots of comments and I loved the way they looked. Despite participation in numerous regional Vette shows and rallys, including big ones with thousands of Vettes, I never saw another car like mine. Five...
  2. TheSearcher

    New Computer Problem

    Took my C5 to the dealer yesterday. The computer says the right rear is flat; and it was a bit low before it went to flat. No leak found, air added to 30 psi several days ago, tire gauge still says 30 psi. Computer won't reset reading on this tire, despite at least half a dozen starts, drives...
  3. TheSearcher

    Non Run Flats Your Experience???

    I'm about to need new tires. I haven't had a flat in a vehicle in ten years, and the last one was when I ran over a huge piece of cut up scrap metal. I'm thinking about going to non run flats to cut down the road noise. i spent almost $2,000 having Kool Mats put in the front and rear and...
  4. TheSearcher

    Time to look at new tires

    I looked at new tires about a year ago and frankly there weren't many options for runflats other than replacing the Goodyears at about $400 each. Today I get a fax with the following options to fit my 2004 C5 1 - Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus, $1,057 for the set. 2 - Kumho MX Run Flat ECSTA...
  5. TheSearcher

    False Alarm???

    Out for a Saturday drive to look at leaf colors. Computer says right rear tire is flat. Oh No! the last time I was in the car it said the right rear was low at 24 lb./sqi Turn around and head back to town and with extreme luck find a tire place open. After many struggles to get a jack under...
  6. TheSearcher

    NEED HELP, Removing Vinyl Stripes

    I bought one of those "anniversary" striping kits from a vendor on one of the Corvette forums in September 2004. This is the "decal" type that you just wet, place on car, smooth out the wrinkes and bubbles and then let dry. They are great for about 3 years or so, then they start to shrink...
  7. TheSearcher

    How do I justify 2 Corvettes?

    Here's my problem. I am an empty nester with well established,self supporting children. My wife and I have the following vehicles - 2004 Corvette, 2007 Cadillac DTS Platinum, 2005 Chevy Tahoe Z-71, 1998 Chevy CK 2500 4x4 pickup (tows boat), and a 2003 Triumph motorcycle. Yeah, 5 vehicles for...
  8. TheSearcher

    Car Trailer

    I am sick and tired of detailing my car before a show, then having to try to detail it again after I drive it to a show. Most of the time there is no access to wash facilities and sometimes no shade, much less adequate time. In short, I am in the market for a trailer. Here's what I see. A...
  9. TheSearcher

    New CRAY Scorpion Wheels

    Brian the wholesale manager at WheelWarehouse sold me a set of CRAY Scorpions for "wholesale" so a CHROME set with 17x9 fronts and 18x10.5 rears with chrome center caps, chrome lug nuts and chrome wheel locks including shipping to Arkansas was $1,506.00. They look good on my 2004 torch red C5...
  10. TheSearcher

    Kool Mats now In

    Well I finally got both the front and back sets in from WCC and I had the Vette mechanic at our dealership install them. There is a small improvement in sound deadening, but I expected a lot more for the almost $2,000 I spent. At the same time I made this mod, I had a Rhino liner put in my...
  11. TheSearcher

    Installed Silverstar headlights

    About two weeks ago I noticed my lights wren't as bright as I would like at night so I put in a set of Sylvania Silverstar headlights in my 2005 Tahoe. To put in all four bulbs took about 3 minutes and no tools were needed. Anyway, that was so fast and easy I got the bright idea to do the...
  12. TheSearcher

    KoolMat Installation Cost?

    I just bought both the front and rear sets of KoolMat floor liners (installed under carpets to reduce interior road noise by a claimed 23 decibels) for my 2004 Coupe from West Coast Corvettes. As I am still recovering from a bad SUV rollover accident, I am not physically able to install these...
  13. TheSearcher

    Need help on wheel sizes

    I have a 2004 Targa Coupe with stock 5 spoke wheels. West Coast Corvette has the Z06 chrome wheels with embossed center caps, lug nuts and locks for $795.00 and through 11/15/06 has a 10% off sale. Two day shippin is $239, so the total delivered to me is about $950.00 and I think I need to...
  14. TheSearcher

    Aftermarket door sill seals???

    I bought some aftermarket rubber door sill seals for my 2004 and they came with no instructions. I'm not sure if they belong near the inside or outside and which side of the seal belongs inside and outside. Anyone know for certain, or has anyone installed them so that they keep the door sills...
  15. TheSearcher

    Door molding position?

    I have had a pair of those aftermarket rubber door moldings that fit on the underside of each door to keep moisture out for over 3 months now. No instuctions came with the moldings and I'm not sure where they fit. Anyone have any photos or advice/
  16. TheSearcher

    Show Win Streak

    I run with a club named FAST GLASS CORVETTES out of Jonesboro, AR with about 50 members and at our monthly meeting this week it was announced that at the last EIGHT consecutive car shows at which members of our club participated, our club won the plaque for most cars in the show. We are going to...
  17. TheSearcher

    New Vanity Tag, Your Comments Welcome

    After a 5 month wait I finally got my new vanity tag yesterday and it was my fifth choice out of 6 possibles - WAYCOOL What do you think?
  18. TheSearcher


    Got a notice on my 2004 last Friday in the mail and the dealership service writer said to bring it straight in as it was a front end suspension/steering required parts change and not really safe to drive. He printed out about 20 pages of instructions and parts lists for the recall and said it...
  19. TheSearcher

    C-5 LeMans Pace Car at Barrett Jackson

    The 2003 C5 LeMans Pace Car went for $47,500 as I recall at the Palm Beach auction. But, most of the muscle cars were off about 50% in price from the last Scottsdale auction. Is the Scottsdale money just looser or is the market for muscle cars (comprised mainly of old guys who couldn't afford...
  20. TheSearcher

    See Yall at Bowling Green

    If you get to go to the April C5 homecoming in Bowling Green and see a 2004 Targa in Torch Red with white CE stripes and loud GHLs - its probably me. Hopefully, I will have my new vanity plates before then - ROCNROL. At the Eureka Springs rally there must have been 200 Torch Red C5s, but only...
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