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    1981 fender flares

    If you set them up as intended they will always be too low and too far back. For a proper centering over the wheel requires reworking the section right behind the door. For 80-82 you need to rework the lower ends of the flares and quarters
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    computer upgrade

    The 7747 is not an edge card ecu so you need a HAM or do some wiring The dynamicefi solution is much better and easier. Burning proms is old skool. Another option is an ostrich
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    Jonas bylund wrote it.
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    computer upgrade

    Rbob's ebl will run tbi
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    Choke Light

    All 82s are like that. It's just the bean counters at work, how much cheaper would it be to use all those earlier style tacho faces and leave out the bulb wiring/or have a whole new batch made without the choke light? They just silk screened the logo on, cheap enough. There is NO bulb or...
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    Whatever happened to the crossfire forum?

    Ken started a fresh new forum, the old one got hacked w/ an SQL injection. The new one should have no issues with IE7. I never had issues w/ IE7 for that matter, your cookie handling settings must have been wrong.
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    Question: Flaming Rivers Rack & Pinon Steering

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    Whatever happened to the crossfire forum?

    I just sent you a PM with login info
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    Whatever happened to the crossfire forum?

    I am the admin there. Drop me an email twinturbo @ home.nl
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    Whatever happened to the crossfire forum?

    We don't have tacky music on the CFIVault http://www.crossfire.homeip.net
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    Where's the VIN on a late C3?

    Sorry for the large pic but it's the only one I have showing the area, see where the main hoop is welded to the flat base plate on the kickup, on the left side of the frame?? Just backwards of it, and still in front of the jigging slot in the frame, that's where it's on my frame. It's just the...
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    Post pictures of your C3

    It's my bro's but I helped him with most of it and built most of the custom stuff for it like the rear suspension.
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    82 with locked up rear

    It's most likely not the rear but the parking brake. Poull the parking brake cable from the upper part of the rtailing arm/hub where the lever is. Then use a hammer to tap the lever all the way back to the rear of the car and try again.
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    Fender flares on my 69

    Revolution went out of business. The same type of wheels are made by german co. Schmidt, called modern line. tey also make the modular ones but w/ stainless rim halves. Mine are all alu. The RFX wheels are no longer available in modular race trim from revolution. They only sell the cast 1 piece...
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    Fender flares on my 69

    Yeah, the flip flop car has 10" wide wheels w/ small spacers, you could easily stuff 12" wheels under there. The other car has 12" wide rear wheels but the IRS is a custom double a arm suspension and it's 1" wider than stock on each side and it uses 3/8 spacers for caliper clearamce. That's why...
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    Fender flares on my 69

    Mid America sells the ACI flares for over 100$ less. Here are mine:
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    Rear axle drain plug

    It's an electric oil pump, it was a rear cooler setup.
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    Rear axle drain plug

    There is no drain plug, the fill plug is here (where the an hose comes out, of course the pump and hose is not stock equipment):
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    Changing 82 fuel pump for 85

    if you can cut and reconnect 2 wires you can do it. It's THAT simple. These pumps create flow, not pressure. Pressure is the result of flow through a restricion. This restriction is a spring loaded diaphragm called a fuel pressure regulator and the spring pressure determines if the diaphragm...
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    80' HEI Distributor, where is the tach lead?

    that's a capacitor, a signal filter, not a ballast resistor.
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